From Third Generation Dairy Farmers to the 66th Annual June Dairy Parade Grand Marshals; Congratulations Don and Desi Josi 

June 23rd, 2023

By Jessica Meyer; Director of Operations

The 66th annual June Dairy Parade is set to honor Tillamook locals Don and Desi Josi, of Wilsonview Dairy, as this year’s Grand Marshals. Being named Grand Marshal of the June Dairy Parade is a significant honor, reserved for individual(s) who have made notable contributions to the dairy industry and their community. This year’s parade will take place June 24th, 2023 at 11am.

The Josi family has been farming at Wilsonview Dairy in Tillamook, Oregon for generations. Originally from Switzerland, the Josi family emigrated to Tillamook in 1912 and started their dairy farm along the Wilson River Valley. Since then, their Century Farm, Wilsonview Dairy, has remained in the Josi family with Don and Desi Josi being the third generation. In Don’s lifetime the farm has grown from 65 acres to 450 acres.

Don and Desi Josi married in 1977, and built a wonderful family of their own. Their children, Denise, Donald, and Derrick, now grown with children of their own, have carried on their families farming traditions. Through gardening, organic vegetable farming, and the continuation of dairy farming at the family’s Century Farm, Wilsonview Dairy and beyond at Josi Farms, the Josi family continues to grow their family roots where ever they are planted.

Don holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Dairy Science from Oregon State University. He has served on the Board of Directors for the Tillamook County Creamery Association and has been a member of the Alderbrook Golf Men’s League for several decades. In his free time, he enjoys fishing and is a loyal fan of OSU football and baseball. Undoubtedly, Don loves seeing his family grow both generationally and within the industry.

Desi has spent 45 years as a 4-H leader for the Fairview 4-H Club. The club is revered as one of the pioneer 4-H clubs in Tillamook, with more than 110 years of continuous activity and membership. Additionally, it holds a unique connection to the generational ties of the Josi family; for over 100 years, a member of the Josi family has led this 4-H club. Desi is a proud FFA Advocate who held the title of Tillamook FFA Chapter President while in high school and was one of the first women allowed in FFA. She is also a woman of many talents, including quilting, having quilted over a dozen quilts for retiring Tillamook Dairy Princesses. Apart from being a devoted grandmother, she enjoys gardening and traveling.

Don and Desi have focused heavily on the promotion of Jersey Cattle over the years and have been devoted to serving their fellow farmers during this time. Through their efforts, they have increased promotion and communication within the industry even traveling near and far to conferences and Jersey shows to educate farmers. In 2020, Don and Desi Josi were honored by the American Jersey Cattle Association with the prestigious Master Breeder Award.  According to [usjersey.com](http://usjersey.com), “The Master Breeder Award is bestowed annually upon a living AJCA member, family, partnership, or corporation, who, in the opinion of the Board of Directors, has bred outstanding animals for many years and thereby has made a notable contribution to the advancement of the Jersey breed in the United States.” This award further validates their aptitude for breeding Jersey cattle and their devotion to improving purebred Jerseys through thoughtful consideration of pedigrees and bloodlines.There is no doubt that Don and Desi Josi have developed and cultivated some of the best Jersey cattle in the world.

Every year Grand Marshal nominations that are submitted must qualify by meeting the following criteria: affiliation with the dairy industry and a history as a community leader and volunteer. It is safe to say that without question, Don and Desi Josi exemplify those qualifications for the honor of Grand Marshal. Both Don and Desi Josi have made significant contributions to their community over the years, and it is with great honor that they are being recognized as Grand Marshals for the 66th annual June Dairy Parade.

Congratulations, Don and Desi Josi!


Photography by: Jessica Meyer

Information in this article was supplied from the nomination form and other sources.

2023 Cork & Brew Tour Beverage Information

2023 Cork & Brew Stops + Beverages

We hope you enjoy every stop, sip and taste during Cork & Brew, but if you loved a particular sip you may find more information below. We have compiled a list of beverages and companies so you can read more and find where it is sold near you! We apologize in advance if some sips do not have more information or a link, not every sip has an available website but we hope the product name helps you find what you are looking for! Cheers 🍻 

Launch Party at Flavors on First

Beer: Pelican Brewing Company – https://pelicanbrewing.com/

Wine: Variety provided by Grocery Outlet of Tillamook

Rob Trost Real Estate LLC

Beer: Hop Valley Pineapple Stash House – https://www.hopvalleybrewing.com/

Wine: Escape Pinot Noir

Sunflower Flats

Beer: Boneyard RPM –  https://boneyardbeer.com/beer/rpm-ipa/

Wine: Blue Heron Sparkling Chardonnay – https://www.blueheronoregon.com/

Madeline’s Vintage Marketplace

Beer: Buoy Cream Ale – https://buoybeer.com/beer/cream-ale/

Wine: Kind Stranger Rose

Tillamook Chamber of Commerce

Beer: Werner Brewing Co.

Wine: Oregon Bubbles

Homelife Furniture


Breakside True Gold – https://breakside.com/our_beer/true-gold/

Breakside Low Places – https://breakside.com/our_beer/low-places/

Breakside White – https://breakside.com/our_beer/breakside-white/

Wine: Redgate Pinot Gris – https://www.redgatewinery.com/

Halo & Co. Salon

Beer:  Buoy Beer Co. IPA – https://buoybeer.com/beer/ipa/

Wine: Nehalem Bay Winery Peach, Cranberry and Blackberry https://www.nehalembaywinery.com/purchase

Westside Studios

Beer: Buoy Beer Co.  Czech Style Pilsner – https://buoybeer.com/beer/czech-dark-lager/

Wine: Orinda Hayes Cabernet Sauvignon – https://orindahayesvineyards.com/

West Elliott Boutique

Beer: Fort George Fanzine IPA – https://fortgeorgebrewery.com/beer/fanzine-ipa/

Fort George Beer Pier Pilsner – https://fortgeorgebrewery.com/beer/beer-pier-pilsner/

Wine: Blue Heron Pinot Gris – https://www.blueheronoregon.com/


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It’s About The Water Tour

Follow the water as it travels from the coast range to the bay, with stops in a working forest, The Port of Garibaldi, and a farm. Enjoy a Sunday evening social hour and dinner reception at a local golf course. The following day, join Tillamook Working Lands & Waters Cooperative members and learn more about keeping our environment and communities healthy and sustainable.

Date(s): Social & Dinner Reception Sunday, May 21st, 2023, followed by a Tour on Monday, May 22nd, 2023.

Location – Sunday Dinner Reception: Alderbrook Golf, Gardens & Events 7300 Alderbrook Rd, Tillamook, OR 97141

Location- Monday Tour: Garibaldi Fire Department Hall 107 S 6th St, Garibaldi, OR 97118

Hotel Information

The Hotel Garibaldi will hold a block of 25 rooms, information listed below:

  • The Hotel Garibaldi for May 21st one night
  • Mention at registration with the Tillamook Working Lands & Waters Cooperative
  • 503-322-3338 for reservations
  • $129.00 + tax
  • $98.00 for Government employees (please have ID information available)
  • Complimentary “Grab & Go” breakfast is included
  • Room Registration will end on May 14th

Be sure to register for this event by May 12th. Full event details will be emailed to you after your registration is complete.

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