Last call for Community Awards nominations

by Mallory Gruben
Communications Manager

There’s still time to make your nominations for the 2022 Community Awards — but you’ll need to submit your honorees before this Friday! Our nomination period closes at 5 p.m. December 9.

This year, the Chamber will hand out five awards at our annual Awards Banquet, which is scheduled for January 29. (Invites will be out in the mail soon, so keep an eye out!) The nominations we receive from community members like you serve as the basis of those awards, which honor Business of the Year, Small Business of the Year, Citizen of the Year, Development Project of the Year and Program of the Year.

Making a nomination is as easy as visiting and answering three questions about your nominee on the online form. The questions ask about who is served by the nominee’s accomplishments, how the nominee shows a commitment to community and how the nominee provides long-term benefits for the community. You can also upload a letter of support or other documents that show how your nominee makes a difference in the Tillamook Community.

If you wish, you can remain anonymous. You also can request an invitation to the Awards Banquet, so you can celebrate all the honorees with us!

We encourage you to make as many nominations as you’d like to recognize any businesses, projects or people in Tillamook County. Nominees don’t even have to be Chamber members — you can nominate anyone, any project or any business you choose! And there’s no limit to how many nominations you can submit in any one category, so feel free to keep those submissions coming until 5 p.m. December 9.

Although it’s a simple process, making a nomination a great way to show the community partners you love just how much you appreciate them. There’s a lot of humble folks who work hard every day to offer services and products, invest money into projects or simply champion the Tillamook County community, and they deserve recognition for what they do.

The best part about the Community Awards is that they are for the community by the community. The selection committee that reviews the nominations and selects the final awards is made up of past years’ honorees and other community members. The Chamber staff does not choose the honorees — the community does.

Because all important things bear repeating, I’ll remind you again that nominations are due by 5 p.m. December 9. We will announce the nominees in the coming weeks, so until then, visit to submit your nominations.