Updating GoTillamook.com

by Mia Gibson
Communications Manager

Tillamook County had a great weekend at the fair! The Chamber Team was slinging sweatshirts, the Pig n’ Ford was packed, and the derby was exciting as always. While back at the office, I’ve been working on updating GoTillamook.com. The Chamber launched this website in 2019 for visitors as a place to explore the Dairylands, showcase our culture, and let people know what we have to offer as a community.

Making significant updates to this website means that local businesses, parks, campgrounds, excursions, and more will be at the forefront of GoTillamook.com. Different from the Venture Coastward Guides, GoTillamook.com focuses more on Tillamook and its surrounding areas like Rockaway Beach, Netarts, and Oceanside rather than the entire county. It’s important that Tillamook itself has this exposure. Promoting locals, attractions, and activities is essential!

Keeping up with the “big guys” has never been difficult for us because Tillamook has just as much to offer as other coast towns but updating GoTillamook.com provides a lot of opportunities for new or updated listings. Listings on GoTillamook.com range from lodging to restaurants, shopping to city parks, and more. Places you shop, businesses your neighbors own, and all the places that make Tillamook County special are highlighted on GoTillamook.com

Updating GoTillamook.com and maintaining it keeps all our listings fresh while they’re stored in an even larger database. That’s right, the listings you see on GoTillamook.com are also listed on  ThePeoplesCoast.com and TravelOregon.com. Using the Oregon Tourism Information System, Tillamook’s listings are integrated into those large websites. This creates even more exposure for our local businesses, promoting them to people who might still be planning their trip from afar!

Along with GoTillamook.com comes the Explore Tillamook Facebook and Instagram accounts. Although these accounts have been put on the back burner, I’m working on getting them more active to highlight the lifestyle of the Dairylands. If you’re looking for breathtaking pictures, interesting facts, or just some inspiration, check out what’s going on with Explore Tillamook’s social media accounts.

Maintaining these aspects of communication allows Tillamook to remain a destination to visit and reside on the Oregon Coast. The tourism industry in Tillamook helps our economy thrive, and if local businesses can be promoted to visitors, it sounds like a win-win for our community.

Check out GoTillamook.com and the Explore Tillamook social media accounts to see what’s new, and keep your eyes peeled for even more to come!