A New Venture Coastward Adventure Guide Is Here

by Justin Aufdermauer
Executive Director

We are excited to announce that the 2022 Venture Coastward Adventure Guide has arrived in all its glory! A huge thank you to the Tillamook Coast Visitor Association. The design, content, and advertising sales of the guide are entrusted to us through our partnership with them. Their desire to keep the content of the guide localized is a blessing to this community.

Along with the new guide comes updated information, contact numbers, and new breathtaking pictures to give visitors a taste of what to expect. With just over 100 pages, the new Venture Coastward guide features sections on local shopping, crabbing, restaurants, family adventures, and more. A complete guide to the perfect visit, hike, or life on the Tillamook Coast.

This year there is an accessibility section because everyone should be able to enjoy our beaches! Beach wheelchairs, ADA-accessible boat launches, and fishing excursions are things that everyone should enjoy while on our coast. The new guide covers many locations that are accessible to the whole family.

Along with accessibility, there are more eateries listed than ever before. There are also two additional fish markets, a new winery, and an updated kayaking section. Another thank you to all who wanted to be included in the guide this year. We couldn’t do it without your additions and updates.

Thank you, to all who helped us build the 2022 Venture Coastward Adventure Guide. The Chamber team is grateful to be supported by the community and looked to by the Tillamook Coast Visitor Association for creating this amazing guide. Your businesses, organizations, Tillamook’s beaches, and rivers are what make our County great. The 2022 Venture Coastward Adventure Guide highlights the best of Tillamook’s Coast and County—you.

Copies of the new guide will be distributed to local businesses within the month. If you’d like to grab a copy early, stop by the Chamber HQ downtown, we’d love to see you!