Who We Are

The Chamber is a private non-profit (501c6) organization comprised of more than 275 local businesses, organizations, and individuals.

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What we do

We broker connections for our members, assist the growth of local businesses, engage the community to enhance the general quality of life and advocate for a healthy economy.

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Why we do it

To understand and anticipate the needs of our members and our community.

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Our Work

Positive Connections

We focus on creating meaningful connections that help our business community thrive and connect our members with customers, partners, mentors and friends.

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Business Growth

We strive to assist the growth of local businesses through effective promotion and business development opportunities.

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Community Engagement

By engaging in the community through programs and events, we can influence the culture of our community and enhance the quality of life.

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Collaborative Advocacy

With a focus on advocating for a healthy economy and aligning businesses and government, we provide a voice for initiatives relevant to our members.

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