Community Award Nominations Part Four: Program of the Year

Community Awards Nominations Part 4: Program of the Year

Jessica Meyer

Director of Operations

We are thrilled to announce the nominees for Program of the Year. These nominations speak volumes about the passion, dedication, and hard work of everyone involved with a common goal of building and supporting our community in some aspect. These programs are the pulse of our community, fostering growth, nurturing relationships, and bringing about positive change each in their own unique way.

And without further ado:

Court 4 at the YMCA:  has transformed an unused racquetball room into a hands-on space for youth over the age of 10 to gather and be creative. From virtual reality headsets to art supplies and even musical instruments, youth have a place to go to explore new hobbies, create something unique and even work together on public art projects.

Embrace Grace: Embrace Grace helps young women with unexpected pregnancies navigate this delicate time in their lives, providing a loving community for personal, spiritual and physical growth and support. Completely volunteer run, Embrace Grace encourages and supports these young women along their journey, giving them the tools, they need to build a happy, thriving family.

House of Grace: House of Grace provides faith based transitional housing for women who are ready to change their lives. Since they were established, they have housed over 50 women and 30 children. Every day they help connect women to local resources, organizations and offer wrap-around support to help them gain independence and become integral members of the community.

Many Hands Medical Supplies: Many Hands Medical Supplies provides medical equipment to those in need in Tillamook County – everything from syringes to hospital beds to wheelchairs they make sure no one who has a need goes without.

 THS Drag Racing Club: THS Drag Racing Club is a hands-on approach to the technical skills needed to be ready for the workforce. Johnny Begin and parent leaders teach high school students more than just how to build and race cars; they teach the values of hard work, commitment, and community service, holding each of their club members and their cars to a high standard.

Tillamook Cowpies: Tillamook County Wellness is on a mission to increase financial literacy in Tillamook County and reduce the impacts of generational poverty. By partnering with local organizations like Tillamook Bay Community College, Helping Hands Outreach Center and all three school districts, these volunteer-led financial literacy classes are offered free of charge to students and adults of all ages in both English and Spanish as a direct way to improve the financial health and quality of life of both individuals and the community.

The process of community nominations plays a pivotal role in deciding the Community Awards nominees for all five categories. Nominees were selected via a structured questionnaires that were accepted until December 1st of this year. The determination of winners in each category is carried out by a select committee, composed of previous award recipients and esteemed community members, with the exclusion of Chamber staff or board members. The nominees from each category will receive recognition, and the winners will be unveiled at our distinguished Annual Awards Banquet, which will be held at the Tillamook County Fairgrounds come Saturday, January 13th, 2024 at 5:30pm.

Keep your anticipation high as we will be back next week for the prestigious and the highly esteemed “Citizen of the Year” nominations. In the interim, we invite you to follow our Facebook page for ongoing updates about the nominees. For a look at past nomination announcements, please visit our official website at