TillamookJobs.com: A new resource for employers, job seekers

by Justin Aufdermauer
Executive Director

Move over Indeed, there’s a new job site in town, tailored specifically for the needs of our local employers and job seekers!

The Chamber recently launched TillamookJobs.com, a one-stop-shop for employers and job seekers alike to collectively meet their workforce needs. Employers post their jobs on the site to advertise widely and freely, while job seekers search through the site to find a position that fits them.

Here’s how it works: Employers can create a free account to put their postings up. Each post includes space for the job title, company or business name, the company tagline, pay information, closing date and whether the job is full-time or part-time. An employer can choose to pay for a premium post, which includes space for a company logo and moves the posting to the top of the page for greater visibility. (Premium posts will be free to our Chamber members, as part of their membership benefits.)

Job seekers can create a free account to search through and apply for job. Keyword search, location filters and category tags make it easy to narrow their search. If they choose to apply for a job, they can upload their materials, which will be sent directly to the employer for review.

The best part is that the site, as its name suggests, is targeted to Tillamook County jobs. That means job seekers don’t have to filter through jobs from other areas if they know they want to live, work and play in Tillamook County. And employers know that their prospective employees know, love and want to be in Tillamook County.

The idea for the site stemmed from conversations I’ve had with several community members on both sides of the workforce equation. It’s no secret that employers have had a hard time hiring lately. I’ve also seen multiple posts on Facebook from people asking about job openings. TillamookJobs.com was built to connect those job seekers with employers who have jobs that need filled! It’s a win-win solution.

The Chamber will take on the work of promoting the site, so that our employers get lots of traction with their job postings and our job seekers can easily find the site. My vision is that TillamookJobs.com will become a go-to resource. If someone says, “I’m looking for a job in Tillamook,” I want the first response to be, “Go to TillamookJobs.com!”

I welcome any feedback on the site, especially in its first few months. If there’s a category you think we should add or a feature that would be helpful for you, email me at justin@tillamookchamber.org, and I’ll see if we can make a change to improve the site. We want this site to really fit the needs of local employers and job seekers, so we are open to your ideas!