Giving thanks for the little moments

by Justin Aufdermauer
Executive Director

A few days ago, as I was driving into the office for the workday, I noticed that I was having a particularly wonderful day. I had gotten to drop my daughter off at school before heading to the Chamber, where I was greeted by an upbeat and hardworking team.

As I was reflecting on the day, I realized that there really wasn’t anything different or special about it. I do all those things every day without so much as a second thought. So what made that day so much better?

The answer is that all at once, I had started to notice that little moments that were contributing positively to my life.  Something as simple as laughing with my daughter on our ride to school or greeting my employees before sitting down at my desk were adding a richness to my life. And in taking the time to notice those little moments, I realized the importance of slowing down to be grateful for them — a fitting message to carry with us into Thanksgiving, I think.

For me, little moments happen when I notice that my daughters are healthy and happy, or when I get to wave to my neighbors. I also notice little moments happening whenever the Chamber staff is all together in the office working on a big project, and there’s a magnificent feeling of fun, focus and teamwork.

It’s a little moment for me to know that Chamber membership is at an all-time high, which means I get the honor of working with nearly 300 businesses, organizations and individuals to build a strong community where we all can thrive. Our long membership roster also leads to many other little moments when I get to celebrate the wins with our members for successful grant applications or busy shopping days.

I see little moments as I watch as relationships strengthen between local government and the community, as we join together to tackle community needs, even when there’s not a quick and easy answer.

So what little moments make you thankful? And how can you pay more attention to those small things that make life sweet?

I’ve found that when I pay attention the little moments that make me smile or lift me up, days get better. And no matter the blessings or traumas someone has experienced in life, I know everyone has little moments worth noticing.

This holiday season, I hope you’ll join me in enjoying those little moments, whatever they may be for you.