Explore Tillamook Oregon with our new social media pages!

by Mallory Gruben
Communications Manager

I invite you to come along on a digital journey of our home as with the Chamber’s newest social media venture.

Launched at the start of this month, the Explore Tillamook Oregon Facebook and Instagram pages highlight the authentic lifestyle of the Dairylands with beautiful photography and engaging posts. The pages are run by our resident (and extremely talented) photographer and Social Media Manager Courtney Beeler, who gives us a look into all the events, activities, attractions and beauty that Tillamook offers. You can follow along and enjoy the posts simply by giving the pages a like and follow on either (or both!) social media platforms. Just search “Explore Tillamook Oregon” or @tillamookdairylands and look for the profile pictures of the Dairylands cow logo.

We created the Explore Tillamook Oregon pages because we noticed that there were not any existing pages that shared Tillamook’s story. Sure, there are plenty of social media accounts covering the north Oregon coast, and many of them mention Tillamook often. But they’re also filled with picturesque viewpoints overlooking the ocean and avid beach goers, and that doesn’t fully represent the personality of Tillamook. Where’s the pastures and coastal mountains? And what about the farmers and fishers and neighbors who stop to say hi at the grocery store?

You know as well as I do that our community isn’t the typical Oregon beach town. We have an identify all our own that revolves around hardworking and kind-hearted people who love each other and their home

We know we are fortunate to live in a place full of natural beaty and resources. Our land supports our farms and dairies; allows for some of the world’s best fishing, crabbing and clamming; and provides ample opportunities for outdoor recreation, whether that’s hiking a forest trail, strolling along the beach or paddling down the river.

And we know that the land deserves to be taken care of, so that we can continue to enjoy the benefits of living in Tillamook for generations to come. We want our kids and grandkids to have the same opportunities to live, work and play in this amazing place.

That’s a story worth telling, but one that isn’t fully represented by the existing social media pages — which is exactly why we started the Explore Tillamook Oregon account. We will use the Instagram and Facebook pages to highlight the people and personalities that cover all local industries, so our visitors get a complete understanding of what this place means to us — and why they need to treat it with respect while they are here.  In short, we want to use our story to inspire our visitors to have the same values of environmental stewardship and neighborly kindness as we have.

We also hope that the accounts help locals fall in love with Tillamook all over again and in different ways than before. Maybe our posts will help you find a hiking trail you didn’t know about, introduce you to a new weekend event, or give you a new perspective on the beauty of our springtime flowers poking their heads out in early March. Or maybe they’ll simply make you smile.

If we get you to grin and feel proud of your home, then we’ve done our job.

Stay up to date with all of the posts by following Explore Tillamook Oregon or @tillamookdairylands on Facebook and/or Instagram.