And the Nominees are…Part 1

And the Nominees Are… Part 1

By Justin Aufdermauer
Executive Director

No, it’s not the Oscars. It is the Community Awards brought to you by the Tillamook Chamber of Commerce.

Every January during our annual Banquet and Auction we also hand out Community Awards in five categories: Business of the Year; Small Business of the Year; Citizen of the Year; Development Project of the Year and Program of the Year. The community makes nominations for each category based on who they think is most deserving and by answering three questions.

All the nominees are honored at the annual Banquet, held next year at the Tillamook County Fairgrounds on January 28. The winner in each category is selected by a nomination committee composed of past winners and community members (not Chamber staff or board members. I have to reiterate that every year, so here is your annual reminder.)

This year we accepted nominations until Dec. 23, and then the nominees are notified by mail.  Because those notifications went out last week we can announce the category nominees here for all to see!

Drumroll please…

For Development Project of the Year, the nominees are…

Starbucks: This internationally recognized brand brings a standard to Tillamook that is expected by tourists and those relocating. This full-service location on Highway 101 has showcased their commitment to Tillamook by undertaking a full remodel, hiring locally, and offering full benefits to their employees.

Rockaway Roastery: This brand-new coffee shop/wine bar brings a vibe to Rockaway Beach that has been missing, giving both locals and tourists a space to hang out, get something delicious to eat, and providing a space for live music, games, and speaking events. The remodel was extensive and done incredibly well!

Koch’s Drug Store Building: The Koch’s Drug Store property or what was most recently known as “the pet store” was turned in to another gorgeous storefront in downtown Tillamook and the new home to West Elliott Boutique. Taking arguably the most blighted of properties and turning it into a sparkling gem.

For Program of the Year, the nominees are…

Tillamook County Fairgrounds: In the last few years the Tillamook County Fairgrounds has demonstrated a new level of involvement in the community by providing a safe haven for those in need during emergencies, including weather events and large-scale disruptions to everyday living. The fairgrounds have also opened their doors for emergency services to practice drills and do hands-on training and education.

Tillamook Swiss Centennial: This event was spearheaded by the Tillamook Coast Visitors Association to celebrate and honor our Swiss heritage in Tillamook County. The day was jam packed with traditional Swiss activities, food, dancing, and displays and both brought together local partnerships, the community and even attracted people from out of the area.

TBCC Welding Program: The Welding Program at Tillamook Bay Community College helps build a skilled workforce and gives community members access to high-quality instruction. Through this program, locals can level up their skills and gain access to high-paying jobs, and industries are able to hire locally. The welding program also partners with other organizations to help with projects, including fabricating the rendering of the K-Class blimp that now sits above Long Prairie Road and Hwy 101.

Thank to everyone who made a nomination, and congratulations to our nominees! We’ll be back again soon with the rest of our nominees in the Business of the Year, Small Business of the Year and Citizen of the Year categories, so keep your eye on the Chamber Chatter in the coming weeks!