Meet the Community Award nominees part 2: Small Business of the Year

by Mallory Gruben
Communications Manager

Last week in the Chamber Chatter, we announced the Community Awards nominees for Development Project of the Year and Program of the Year. If you missed those announcements, you can find the complete announcements on the Chamber’s blog at

This week, I’m pleased to introduce our nominees for Small Business of the Year. We received eight (that’s about double the average!!) nominations for this category, which represents businesses with fewer than 10 employees. Each nomination is made with a narrative and often letters of support to articulate why the nominee stands out, and we will share some of the background that was submitted for each one as we introduce the nominees.

Please join us in congratulating the nominees for Small Business of the Year:

Boss Power Bikes: Boss Power Bikes helps enhance the quality of life in Tillamook County by going green with electric bikes. This company helps repair bikes for those in need with no home and supplies. They have the heart to help people that are on a tight or fixed income, sometimes giving away much-needed part and even bicycles. It also supplies green energy bikes to the community, which helps cut back on local emissions.

Burden’s Muffler and Towing: Burdens has been in business for 50 years and has continued to be involved in the community by participating in our parades and proudly flying the American flag on patriotic holidays. They also provide great customer service and continue to grow their business to offer more services. They are available 24/7 to meet the towing needs of the community, and they always do it with a positive and caring attitude.

Food Roots: Food Roots brings food from local farms and companies to one place that the community can shop at. They also have great programs for people with food stamps and CSAs (community supported agriculture) during the summer that benefit not only the customers, but the farmers as well. All of their products are local, and they work with the food bank, which benefits a lot of our lower income community members.

Great NW Painting & Construction: This small business has provided employment to a handful of individuals in our community, has helped improve the curbside appeal of many local homes and has strived to always leave a happy customer. Great NW Painting & Construction has showcased a commitment to the community by providing advice to local homeowners at no charge. They are also willing to take on new employees and teach them lifelong construction skills while on the job.

Lucky Bear Soap: Lucky Bear Soap helps to build the foundation for an amazing downtown, which benefits the entire community. This small business draws people to the town for shopping with its unique and all-natural products. The owner even saved a cow — the namesake for the business — demonstrating her commitment to this community.

Nehalem Lumber Company: The employees at Nehalem Lumber have been working non-stop to provide excellent service to the members of our community for decades. They have upheld pandemic regulations and continue to make various accommodations for their wonderful customers. The actively donates to fundraising projects and helps with other community events. Originally opened by Dale Stockton, Nehalem Lumber Company has been committed to serving members of our community for decades and will continue to do so.

Salty Raven: Owner Seasons Katz Sparks’ artwork and designs reflect the Tillamook area and provide a reminder of what a great place it is. Locals and visitors alike patronize her store and appreciate her art and products. Salty Raven recently opened its flagship store on Main Avenue. By investing in the community and providing a vibrant presence on Main Street, this business has displayed a willingness to engage with the community, and it appears to be here to stay.

West Elliott Boutique: This little business was brave enough to open and continue to operate in the midst of the pandemic. It brings light and cheer to Downtown Tillamook. At West Elliott Boutique, several local women joined together to showcase their individual talents. These girls put in a lot of time and elbow grease to beautify the space, and they continue to grow to meet their guests needs.

We’ll be back with more nominee announcements in two weeks. Until then, keep an eye on our Facebook page for more information about nominees, or check out past nomination announcements at