The Third Edition of Tillamook Living is Here

The Third Edition of Tillamook Living is Here
by Justin Aufdermauer

The third edition of the Tillamook Living Lifestyle and Relocation Magazine has arrived at the Chamber! Featuring new articles, pictures, and highlights of local businesses. There is a great amount of potential in local publications, and Tillamook Living is no exception.

As you may already know, the Chamber started publishing Tillamook Living two years ago. The idea for the magazine was born out of several conversations with local businesses, organizations, real estate agents, and other community leaders about how we could highlight our community to attract and retain talented workers, as well as help newcomers settle in as they moved to Tillamook.

Last year the magazine went through a major redesign, and this year we focused on writing new articles with local community members and gathering new photos to showcase how great our lifestyle in the Dairylands is. Covering all the questions or concerns a local or newcomer might have, from medical and emergency services to summer entertainment and holiday festivities, Tillamook Living is the perfect resource for local needs. The final product is a seriously impressive resource that the entire Chamber team can be proud of.

The goal of Tillamook Living is to showcase how our community lives, celebrates, and all that we offer here. Our farming industry, our love for hiking, biking, camping, and even our obsession with cheese. Tillamook is a unique place for many reasons, but mostly because we’ve managed to adapt and grow with a changing world while preserving important traditions.

One of the Chamber team’s favorite parts of the magazine is how genuine it is. All the content was written in-house at the Chamber, and the photos come from local photographers who have a special eye for what makes Tillamook great. This isn’t a promotional publication made by a company that has never been to Tillamook. It’s an authentic look at this place we call home, created by locals who not only live here but also care deeply for this community.

You can pick up a free copy of the Tillamook Living Magazine at Chamber HQ at 208 Main Ave. The magazine will also be available at local businesses and realtor offices for potential residents to take home and enjoy.

If you would like to receive a bundle of magazines to distribute through your business or just to your family and friends, please call the Chamber at 503-842-7525 or email