Hwy 101/6 Project Update: Yo (it’s almost) Time for Paving

Yesterday the curb and gutter pour on the south half of the east block of Main between Third and Fourth was completed. By the end of this week, those forms will be stripped and cleared away so that next week the paving can begin. If you’re driving through this area, you’ll likely be concerned about the missing sidewalk- how will you get your frozen yogurt fix??? The sidewalk work will continue next week during the day while the paving work takes place at night. Until the sidewalk goes in, Yo Time remains accessible via a temporary plank walkway from the north, so do not fear. Shear Bliss salon is accessible during this phase of construction through their access door on Fourth, and the Coliseum Theater has access on Main as usual.
The paving schedule next week is all set for night work. On Monday and Tuesday night crews will be working along the trenches curbs and gutters to level things out and prep for Wednesday and Thursday night, which will include the chipping, grinding and final paving. Sticky stomps will provide temporary lane delineation until the striping can occur the following week.
Next Wednesday and Thursday night there will be a detour. Starting at about 6:30 pm on Wednesday and Thursday (9/26 and 9/27), Main will be closed from First to Fourth, with traffic directed down Stillwell. Chief Wright points out that a big impact will be the closure of Third between Stillwell and Main, where traffic that would have been using Third to go eastbound will be redirected to Fifth Street and across to Pacific.
Elsewhere around the project, electrical subcontractors are working on final touches, bioswale liners are being installed, and the landscaping firm is planting (street trees start going in next week!!!).

Hwy 101/6 Project Update: Flagging of First and Main Intersection Wed-Fri

Big News:
Starting tomorrow- Wednesday September 5th– there will be 24 hour flagging through the intersection of First and Main. Additionally, trucks turning on to Main southbound will be rerouted to Ivy and down to Front to access Main. There is a large manhole that needs to be excavated and replaced in the southeast quadrant of the intersection, and while crews have been delaying until after Labor Day, the weather forecast that calls for rain as early as this weekend has made it necessary to expedite this work and get it done immediately. Hopes are high that the work may be completed ahead of schedule, but flaggers are set through Friday.
Sawcutting was completed this afternoon, so excavators will be onsite and removing materials as soon as lanes are closed and flaggers are in place on Wednesday morning. Because of the depth and width of the hole, trucks will not have sufficient buffering room to make the south bound turn, regardless of whether approaching from the east or the west. A flagger will be stationed at Ivy and First to direct truck traffic north, where a right turn on to Front will allow for a right turn on to Main. Truck traffic approaching from the east will be directed to continue to the Ivy detour from the First and Main intersection. While the work will be concentrated during the day, the flagging, truck detour, and lane closures will be 24 hours.
The impending rain and shift in the focus of the project delayed the excavation of the south half of the block of Main between Third and Fourth. Final pours on the sidewalk on the north half of the block will be completed Wednesday and Thursday, with excavation on the south side expected to be reset for early next week.
A big change on the Second Street Plaza took place this afternoon. After concerns of tripping on the curbing associated with the ADA ramps, the City was able to work with ODOT to come up with a new design element that increases visibility while reducing curb crossing. Triangular planting areas were cut today adjacent to each of the three ramps on the Plaza. The landscaping contractor arrived onsite this afternoon, and, in addition to these new planters, top soil and plants will begin to fill the bioswales and other greenscape spaces.
While this week will likely feature many frustrating moments, take heart in the knowledge that final paving is setting up prior to October 1, which means we are still very much on track to be wrapped up with traffic impacts in just a few short weeks.

Hwy 6/101 Project Update: Downtown Renovation

This week the roof is being replaced on the Chamber Headquarters building on Main Avenue, which is also the Visitor’s Center. While the sidewalk out front has been complete (and access to our front door open) for quite some time, the Dutch Mill (our neighbors to the north) are currently renovating their façade, where, in addition to the temporary removal of their iconic sign for refitting, the awning has come off along with the front siding- equating to a rather large pile of construction debris at short intervals. Two awestruck out-of-towners seeking hotel information navigating Main on Monday stopped in and asked if we had coordinated all of our downtown building remodeling with the timing of the Highway Project, and while we laughed together in the moment and talk turned toward local accommodation options, the reality of their observation is worthy of reflection.
Despite a noisy bunch of social media commentators who would have you believe that “downtown is dying,” all evidence points to downtown being on the verge of an entirely new life. Every single block in the Tillamook Main Street “Downtown District” has renovation projects either recently completed, on the immediate horizon, or actively underway.
Every single block.
While there is zero doubt that the construction impacts of the Highway Project have been extremely challenging and have created intense hardship for the economy and the commute through town, the coinciding business expansion in downtown, number of real estate transactions on commercial properties in the downtown core, and the large number of private investment dollars being invested to revitalize the infrastructure of the buildings is a promising indicator that Tillamook is weathering these trials and that the future is bright.
One example of these efforts is on Third Street, on the west side of the intersection of Main. The water main work has been completed there, and the contractor is expecting the sidewalk along that corner to be poured and in place next week. The eastern edge of the project would have brought the sidewalk work to a stop about two-thirds of the way along the side of the historic Beals Building. Recognizing that this is the moment to maximize the efficiency of the crews on the ground, investor owners Valerie Schumann and her husband Gary have connected with the contractors and have decided to privately fund the sidewalk work along the remainder of their building, bringing the new stamped concrete eastward from Main up to the alleyway. When speaking with Gary yesterday, he explained that after the roofing work they did to make sure the building is dry inside, they have now begun more extensive interior work and are addressing many of the realities of renovating a one hundred-plus year-old building, including sorting out asbestos abatement, plumbing headaches, and comprehensive electrical work.
Further north on Main, the sidewalk in front of Fat Dog Pizza is on track for being poured later this week. The Alderman Building, which hosts Fat Dog Pizza, Voo Doo Vapor, Shanny’s Nail’s and Second Street Coffee, recently had the long awning that stretches from the western corner of the building on Second toward Main rebuilt and refitted, providing shelter from both rain and the occasional intense sun for the outdoor seating there.
Bear with it, folks. Change is hard and slow and disconcerting, and in the end we will likely all be able to point at things we wish were different, but the tide is pushing us all along and as we near the end of this project and there becomes less and less to report about projected timelines, there becomes more and more to see and do unfolding in front of us. In the next few weeks, the top soil in many of the bioswales will go in, and the street trees will begin to be planted. Pavers along Main will begin to fill the gap between the new sidewalk and the curb, and the paving and subsequent reopening of parking along Main is in the not-too-distant future. If you are looking for an excuse to explore the Downtown District in the next few weeks, September 1st the Tillamook Revitalization Association and the Headlight Herald are hosting a community garage sale, and booths are available for $15- just register at the Headlight Herald or Lucky Bear Soap. The following Saturday, September 8th, the Monday Musical Club of Tillamook is hosting their annual Oktoberfest event, which is a great family-friendly day of live music and delicious food (and also beer for those 21+).
Hope you all are enjoying these final weeks of August, and please be safe out there,

Hwy 101/6 Project Update: ‘Fairly’ Smooth Sailing Downtown

Project focus continues to be in the downtown corridor, on Main between First and Third. The bioswales on Main just north of Second Street and on Third just east of Main are both in the excavation stage and have water line and drainage work that is underway prior to finalizing the depth and grading that will form the base of the concrete work.
While those plumbing processes take place, excavation efforts will move on Monday to the northern half of the block between Third and Fourth, stretching from the corner where the bioswale is under construction to the center of the Coliseum Theater, so movie-goers will have continuous access to the theater through the southern door (normally the exit door) while the north half of the block is rebuilt.
As you head to the Fairgrounds this week, you may also notice the liners being installed in the completed bioswales around the project, as well as the installation of the decorative black railing. Coordination for the change to the permanent signal at the intersection of First and Main is underway, and the target date for that switch is Monday night, which will mean flagging through the intersection after 7pm.
Emails may become more sporadic at this point, as the project narrows to the final stages and the weekly construction meetings transition to an every-other-week schedule. If you have any questions in between emails, feel free to reach out any time. It is, of course, Tillamook County Fair week, which assures heavy traffic and many folks who are likely trying out the new traffic patterns for the first time. I will again encourage you to find room in your car for extra patience.

Hwy 101/6 Project Update: Sidewalks for days

On Tuesday, the curb and gutter from Second to Third Streets was poured, and the sidewalk in front of the Dutch Mill and Anderson’s Florist is scheduled to be poured Friday. If everything goes to plan it will open to foot traffic on Monday, however in the meantime you can access the Dutch Mill and Kitty’s Bar & Grill through their rear entrance, and Anderson’s has an entrance on Second Street.

As soon as the Anderson Florists corner is poured and opened, crews will get to work demoing the corner in front of Fat Dog Pizza.  After demo comes the work to form and pour that corner as quickly as possible – hopefully by the week of August 6th. However, they also have to build a water quality pond on that corner as well, so sidewalk pouring could get pushed back another week. There will be temporary planking along this block to allow access to Fat Dog Pizza and Vapor Voodoo.

By Wednesday, the Hoquarton Park will be completely paved as well as the pathway from the park to the HWY 6 pedestrian bridge. The  pedestrian bridge still needs to be paved to connect to Goodspeed Park. The Hoquarton Park will remain closed for now so the trail is not yet to the public, but it’s fun to think of how close we are!

There will be flagging at First and Main starting on Monday, June 30th at 7 p.m. to switch from the temporary signals to the permanent signals.

Hwy 101/6 Project Update: Zipper Practice is Over & Focus Falls to the Side of the Road

We did it! We made it through the paving week and the roads from First Street north are all smooth and lovely to drive on. Bear with those sticky stomps as we wait out the asphalt curing period- striping is set to begin July 9th. In the meantime, I hope you are enjoying the wide lane capacity, the easy access in and out of Rosenberg’s (also- have you seen their new covered outdoor lumber area???), and the efficient traffic flow in and out of downtown.
As far as focus falling to the side of the road- busy bucket tractors are a common sight both north of the bridge and in the downtown area as grading and sidewalk prep continue along the western edge of the road. The vault in front of the Dutch Mill was filled last week, but survey results showed that the concrete failed to meet strength tests, and it is being redone this week to assure that it meets all standards. While this work is underway, access to the Chamber office is again through the rear entrance, and a quick reminder that both Dutch Mill and Kitty’s also offer access from the rear parking lot, which is especially convenient given the ample parking lots off of Ivy.
Amidst the vault work and grading, curb and gutter and sidewalk forming and pouring are also progressing throughout the project area- on the blocks between First and Third, on the corner of First and Laurel, and (early next week) in the gore point area.
Next week, of course, we celebrate Fourth of July right in the middle of the week. In deference to the anticipated influx of visitors, contractors will be offsite for the latter half of the week.
Hope you all are settling in to your summer routine. The June Dairy Parade was a rousing success last weekend, and we appreciate everyone’s patience and participation for one of the oldest and largest parades in the state. Enjoy the celebrations that this week will bring, and please be safe

Hwy 101/6 Project Update: Night Paving Progressing Smoothly, Downtown Work Continues

Great news! Paving has been going as smoothly and quickly as one could hope! The schedule with the detours and traffic control measures that Chief Wright relayed last week have gone according to plan, and all signs point to the last two nights following the same track. A reminder of what lies in store this evening andtomorrow:
Wednesday Night, June 20th, the plan is to top lift and be done with Front Street and everything north of Pacific on North Main, both northbound and southbound. There will be detour if needed otherwise just flagging and one lane traffic.
We will also be out setting up all the signs and detour resources for the June Dairy Parade (which takes place on Saturday the 23rd), so please be extra careful driving through downtown this day.
Thursday Night, June 21st, First Street from Madrona to Main will be closed again for final paving and any other work in the area. The same detour as Monday will occur. (Depending on where the paving equipment is, you may be detoured onto Front Street and then west or south. In addition, First Street will be closed starting at7 PM, from Madrona Avenue to Pacific. Madrona will be one way from First Street to Third Street. Detour for First Street will be Madrona to Fourth then Fourth to Pacific or Main.)
Today, if you find yourself driving through the area (I would recommend before6pm when the paving set up starts), you can already see how much wider the road area is and appreciate the return of a turn lane in to Rosenberg’s.
If you happened to be sitting in the southbound line of traffic last night at about6:45 and witnessed the gentleman who spent ten minutes or so laying steadily on his horn and shouting obscenities at folks who were zipper merging- I feel your pain. Despite that particular gentleman’s passion for his perspective, zipper merging is STILL the right thing to do- take advantage of all of the lane capacity available, and minimize the backup in this (and) all construction areas.
You can start to see the temporary “sticky stomp” reflective squares that are being laid out and used to delineate the lanes while the asphalt cures before final paving can go down in a couple of weeks. The temporary layout of the lanes with the sticky stomps will allow for more lanes and less bottle necking, which is wonderful, but will also require us to be paying lots of attention as we adjust to the wider traffic pattern.
Downtown, on Main between First and Third, construction activity is bustling. The work window has been condensed in to early in the day (as early as 5:30 some mornings) to 3PMMonday through Thursday, to minimize lane closures and traffic interruptions during peak times during our peak traffic season. This week there are crews grading, forming, and pouring sidewalks between First and Second on Main, fiber-optic trenching between Second and Third, and prep for curb and gutter on that same block. The sidewalk on the corner of Third and Main in front of the Tora Sushi Lounge is ready for their Thursday Grand Opening, and the electrical contractor is optimistic that the pedestrian crossing pole will be live in time for that evening, so if you find yourself parking on Pacific or visiting other downtown businesses it will be an easy crossing from Sunflower Flats to the sushi destination.
Let me take a moment here to encourage you to reach out if you have any questions about the project that I may have not covered in awhile or missed along the way. Over the last week, I’ve had a few people ask about the old Shell Station property, which we haven’t talked about in a few months. Each week the Chamber has a “Chamber Chatter” feature that we send out to local media and include in our newsletter, and I’ll be telling a longer version of this story in that article. The “Cliff Notes” version is: the tanks have been removed and there is some monitoring that has to go on before the final DEQ clearance. ODOT will hold the property through the end of the project, and then there is a protocol for the disposition process that looks for agencies and municipalities that might like to purchase it, or it could also go up for sale to the public, so a private buyer could purchase it. The temporary construction trailer that is placed there will be removed (likely in the fairly near future), but the Shell structure will remain in place until the parcel changes hands and the new owner takes steps to determine if they will repurpose it or remove it. The timeline for transitioning the property is unknown; ODOT will not begin the disposition process until the “no further action” clearance is received from DEQ and the project itself is completed, and then, as with any property sale, it is an unknown how long it will take for a buyer to come forward and take over. The City of Tillamook is following the process, and there is dialog about what it might look like if the parcel came in to City possession, but there are no specific plans at this time.

Hwy 101/6 Project Update: Chief Wright Breaks Down the Night Paving Schedule

This week I am turning the newsletter over to Chief Terry Wright. He worked closely with the contractor to line out the paving schedule with the intent to minimize impact and maximize safety. I have cut and pasted the text from his memo, and want to be sure to credit that the humor contained in the memo is entirely his.
The next two weeks are going to see a lot of night work in the ODOT construction zone. The initial schedule is as follows:
This Thursday night, June 14th, from 7 PM until done, the area from the new bridge moving north will get the first layer of asphalt on the west southbound side. There should be limited or no flagging or traffic issues during this period. There will be slight change to the southbound lane starting at 6 PM so please be aware when driving through this area. There will be a lot of truck traffic with the asphalt being delivered.
Next week there will be night work in the project area Monday through Thursday, setting up at 6 PM and starting by 7 PM each of these nights. There will be detours, lane closures and traffic delays. There will be flagging each night and law enforcement presence to protect everyone in the construction areas.
Monday night, June 18th, there is going to be paving on North Main between the new bridge and First Street. There will be detours set up. Depending on where the paving equipment is, you may be detoured onto Front Street and then west or south. In addition, 1st Street will be closed starting at 7 PM, from Madrona Avenue to Pacific. Madrona will be one way from 1st Street to 3rd Street. Detour for 1stStreet will be Madrona to 4th then 4th to Pacific or Main.
Tuesday Night, June 19th, there will be grinding and paving on the north side of the bridge on North Main. This will be the final asphalt layer, meaning that north of the bridge will then be DONE other than sidewalk work. (No, really- DONE.) There will also be paving on 1st Street. There may be flagging and detours again depending on what section.
Wednesday Night, June 20th, the plan is to top lift and be done with Front Street and everything north of Pacific on North Main, both northbound and southbound. There will be detour if needed otherwise just flagging and one lane traffic.
We will also be out setting up all the signs and detour resources for the June Dairy Parade (which takes place on Saturday the 23rd), so please be extra careful driving through downtown this day.
Thursday Night, June 21st, 1st Street from Madrona to Main will be closed again for final paving and any other work in the area. The same detour as Monday will occur.
So, please be aware that next week driving through downtown Monday throughThursday starting at 6 PM is going to be delayed with detours. Please plan ahead, and, if possible, avoid this area. If you cannot, please start your travel early so you will not be stressed as much through the delay areas.
OK, here is a test. Have you ever heard of sticky stomps? No, it is not a musical group or a type of candy (as I guessed). They are the temporary little lane markers, usually yellow, about 4 inches by 4 inches, that they stomp onto new asphalt to mark out lanes. Because they cannot paint on new asphalt for 2-3 weeks, they stomp these things down. They will then come back in 2 weeks and put down new paint to mark lanes etc. This will be great when they are done. In the meantime, we will have sticky stomps, so you will need to be aware and please focus for the next 3 weeks until the new paint is put down.
Thank you for all your patience. I know it does not seem like it sometimes, but the project is almost done. This is a huge part of getting to the end. The last major section is Main Street from 1st to 4th Streets. Once the paving is done next week, almost all resources will be concentrating on Main Street.
Terry Wright,
Chief of Police
City of Tillamook
-Obviously, that is a ton of information to try and digest, so if you have any questions or need clarification, please don’t hesitate to reach out. You can reply to this email, and I will do my best to track down answers and clarify whenever possible for you. If you’re anything like me, you may have reread the line that states “No really- DONE” several times. This is true. This paving week means that the street widening work north of First is complete, and we are starting to see more and more areas of the project approach completion. Take heart, TIllamook, and be safe out there-
Sierra Lauder

Hwy 101/6 Project Update: Barriers Coming Down and 16 New Reasons to say Cheese

This week, progress continues on some of the details that are harder to observe but set the stage for next steps. On the bridge, pours for the railing and pylons have cured, and this week those forms are getting stripped, and the detail work is getting finishing touches prior to painting/sealing. Light poles along the bridge will be installed soon, another sign that we are close to completion there! While the bridge itself won’t open all the way up yet, late this week the big concrete barriers along the bridge will be removed, and that will coincide with a change in access to the Rosenberg’s parking lot. The entire area will feel much more open after that, and it is certainly a sign that we are in the homestretch before final grading and paving that will take place before opening those additional lanes.
The other bridge in the project- the railroad crossing over Highway 6 that is part of the new Crosstown Connections Path that runs between Goodspeed Park and the Hoquarton Interpretive Trail- is also seeing some form work this week. Crews will be removing forms under the bridge using a lift from the highway below. Lane closures in the area will be likely, but flagging or traffic stoppage is not anticipated at this time.
Along Main Avenue downtown, the messy work continues. The three vaults that are north of Vapor Voodoo are complete, and the grading and prep for curb and gutter on the north half of that block is scheduled for the end of this week. While the concrete flatwork contractors have been working hard on curb/gutter/sidewalk on north Main, they will be moving back in to the downtown core in the next couple of weeks to form and pour over those graded areas.
Early next week, the block between Second and Third will experience more demolition, closing Main Street entrances to Chamber Headquarters, Dutch Mill and Kitty’s Food and Spirits. There is a large vault in front of the Dutch Mill that will be reinforced at this stage. All of those storefronts have entrances from the rear parking lot and will remain open through the construction, so don’t hesitate to utilize the free public parking lots along Ivy and pop in the rear doors.

Hwy 101/6 Project Update: Bridge Rails and Lighting on Trail(heads)s

Traffic impacts should be less extreme this week and next, as flagging through the intersections has wrapped up. Excavation on the block between First and Second on the west side of Main for a bioswale will likely keep traffic to one lane for that block through the end of this week. Early next week, that excavation work will shift to the northwest corner of the intersection of Third and Main, where sidewalk removal has already begun. The future sushi restaurant is also undergoing heavy renovation on that corner, and the timing will be close for the opening of the restaurant and the sidewalk there later this month.
On the bridge, railing and pylons are being formed and poured. The process starts with the plywood rectangular forms that we’ve seen go up this week, and will last a few more weeks before the results are unveiled. Drainage and grading on either side of the bridge progresses, so expect to see large equipment steadily active in that area as we approach summertime and the opening of the bridge.
Less obvious, but also big steps for the project: lighting has been installed in the Hoquarton Trailhead area- the west end of the “Crosstown Connection” trail project. On the east end, the pedestrian crossing on the railroad bridge that crosses Highway 6 and leads in to Goodspeed Park is coming along nicely. Protective fencing is set to be installed next week, allowing access over the bridge for pedestrian use while keeping the rail in place.
As sidewalk demolition begins to heat up on the west side of Main in the downtown area, please remember that several businesses have side doors or rear access- Anderson Florists has a second entrance on Second, Kitty’s Food and Spirits, the Dutch Mill, and the Chamber of Commerce all have rear doors from the parking lot on the corner of the Second and Ivy. Businesses who only have access along Main (Voodoo Vapor, Fat Dog Pizza, Marcie’s Cafe, Tillamook Coliseum Theater, Yo Time, and Shear Bliss) will all have access maintained to their front doors throughout construction.

Hwy 101/6 Project Update: Realignment and Flagging Downtown

Thank you all who did your anti-rain dancing and brought about the nice weather on Monday! New striping went down throughout the project area, and the fresh lines are helpful in reminding us that there is only one lane eastbound on Third to Main, as well as create shifts in the traffic flow.
The temperature was perfect on Monday, and the asphalt went down on the stretch of Main south of the new bridge down to the intersection of First, along the junction with Front Street, in front of Burden’s Towing and America’s Mattress. Traffic will shift over on to that new paving, and the corner from Main on to First will continue to be tight. Be sure to navigate the corner slowly and with caution. Flagging at that intersection will be happening all day today (Wednesday) and likely most of tomorrow (Thursday) as the demolition begins on the west side of Main right there on that corner. The First St. entrance to the parking lot of Oregon Coast Dance Center will be closed while construction takes place on the corner, and that parking lot will only be accessible from Main Ave. This will make for tight, non-traditional parking in that lot- be careful.
For those who have been wondering why the final segment of the sidewalk on the east side of Main in front of Local Dog House, Matthew Lyon’s office, and Food Roots has not been finished- it was discovered that the basement of that building underhangs the sidewalk slightly, and new engineering work was required prior to sealing that up. That work is wrapping up, and those sidewalks should be coming soon. Meanwhile, access to all of those businesses is in place using a temporary wooden sidewalk. Southbound traffic downtown is now running along the east side of the road, creating room to begin the demolition and sidewalk work.
Another interesting development occurs on the new bridge this week- they are set to do the “Closure Pour”, which will fill the gap between the bridge that was built last spring the bridge that we are seeing built this spring.
Unfortunately, the forecast continues to look desolate- bad news for those of eager to get in the garden, and bad news for the speed of the project. Crews will continue to move along as quickly as possible, and the coming weeks should bring the formation of railing and sidewalks along the new bridge, as well as a concentration of work on the north side of the bridge in front of Rosenberg’s, and sidewalk work on the west side of Main downtown.
I’ll encourage you all again to take extra care in the construction zone. Pedestrian traffic is increasing, and there are so many things going on that it is easy to get distracted. We are truly approaching the home stretch now, so even as things continue to be challenging, the final pieces of the project are on the near horizon.

Highway 101/6 Project Update – Traffic Shift Monday

This is the week! Monday, April 9th will be the pivotal day in transitioning in to the next phase of the project. Regardless of the weather, re-striping will take place, freshening up arrows and realigning the traffic pattern on Main Street. North of the bridge, the small buffer area between north and southbound traffic that has been utilized as a turning pocket for Rosenberg’s will disappear, and access in to Rosenberg’s may shift from their north driveway entrance to their south driveway entrance as road work north of the bridge begins in earnest.
South of the bridge to First Street, what happens on Monday will depend on the weather. The stretch of the road that runs from the southern end of the new bridge to First Street that has been stripped down and regraded is set to be repaved. However, asphalt requires certain temperatures and climate conditions, and with the ever evolving forecast it is too volatile to be sure that paving can occur Monday. If it doesn’t work out for Monday, getting that paving in and complete will be the top priority as soon as weather allows.
Main Avenue in the downtown, from First to Fourth, will see a dramatic change. Regardless of weather, the gap between the new curb and gutter and the road base along the east side of Main will be filled, and then the new striping will shift the traffic all the way to the east side of Main along the newly completed sidewalk there. Parking on both sides of the street between First and Fourth will remain closed, and construction on the west side of Main will begin.
The end of this week will see the finalization of the night work on the lights on Pacific- things have been progressing quickly there, with Oregon State Bridge, Oneill Electric, and ODOT all on site each night this week. Tillamook PUD and Comcast have been very active during the day, moving lines and wires and getting the temporary poles stripped and ready for removal.
The liners for the bioswales on the east side of Main are scheduled for installation starting today, and as the liners go in, fill will be added to each pit. Final planting of the bioswales will not take place until September.
Despite the rain, sidewalk work on the east side of Main downtown should wrap up shortly, and then sidewalk crews will move to the bridge to continue work while the traffic shift occurs.

Hwy 101/6 Project Update: Night Flagging and Signal Work on Pacific Next Week

Big changes are on the horizon, starting next week with flagging at night as the new signals on Pacific go live. Crews from ODOT, Tillamook PUD, Oregon State Bridge, and O’Neill Electric will be working together to get the new signals running and the old and temporary poles removed. The flagging is expected to start at 7pm and run for a full shift (most of the night) Monday through Thursday evening, wrapping up by early Fridaymorning.
The weather this week has not been as accommodating as predicted, which has delayed the pouring of the curb and gutter, ADA ramps, and final stretch of stamped sidewalk on Main (between Second and First). Things are looking up the last half of this week and in to next week, however, and everything is still on track to wrap up and shift traffic before mid-April.
The curing of the large bridge deck pour has completed, and the beginning of this week has included the removal of all of the fabric, plastic and blankets that helped cover the area during the curing period. There has also been a significant amount of forming being constructed for the sidewalk and overlook area, including the setting of the bridge anchor bolts for the three light poles that will be placed on the bridge. As the weather clears again, more concrete pouring will be taking place and we will see those features begin to take real shape.
The large heating oil tank discovered in the big bioswale on the northeast corner of First and Pacific (next to the Post Office) is clearly visible to drivers passing through the intersection. Final ground testing results are still in progress, and as soon as results are in, excavation of that swale will continue. All fingers are crossed that it will wrap up early next week, as the contractor that does the bioswale lining is scheduled to be on site next Thursday, when the bio-swales on the east side of Main (both north of the bridge and downtown) will be lined. If possible, that large swale will be lined during the same trip.
Next week is anticipated to be the final push to complete the west side Main sidewalk work downtown, and then early the following week should see paving and refreshed striping, as well as the big shift of traffic over to the east side, allowing work to commence on the west side with a target date of April 10th. Stay tuned next week for those details.
The summary today: be mindful of flaggers and nightwork throughout next week.

Hwy Project Update: Spring Forward to the Next Phase

The days are getting longer and we are seeing lots of action scattered across the entire project footprint as we prepared for some big changes.
On Main St., at the junction of Main and Third, the pedestrian crossing lights have been set and will go live as I’m drafting this email. For those of you who have been struggling to make heads or tails of how to use that intersection, the signals will be now be up and running, just in time as traffic picks up for Spring Break. The final section of sidewalk replacement on the east side of Main is the short stretch just north of Second, in front of The Local Doghouse, Mathew Lyon’s office and Food Roots. The forming of the curb and gutter took place Thursday, and if the weather allows, the concrete pour will happen today. The weather looks very promising next week, and the ADA ramp at that corner is scheduled to be formed and poured at the beginning of the week and the last little bit of sidewalk in the last half of the week. The first week of April will be spent wrapping up any loose ends there, including getting the bioswale liners installed, all in preparation for the looming traffic shift that will push traffic to the east side, and kick off the construction on the west side of Main.
Along the bridge, curing of the large deck pour continues this week, shifting the focus to the end wall areas, and the forming of the sidewalk and overlook area on the southwest side of the bridge. This is also in preparation for transition- soon the final grading, drainage work, curb and gutter, sidewalk, and paving will take place on the west side of the road between Front and First, and traffic that is southbound coming over the bridge will be shifted to the west side of the road, creating room for work to take place along the west side of the old Shell Station property.
Folks often ask about the future of that Shell Station property, and it is still largely unknown. Once the project completes, the property will be surplussed by ODOT, and local governments will have the opportunity to purchase it. The City is aware of this trajectory, and has started a feasibility study to determine whether the parcel will be viable as a commercial property, or will be better suited for another use. We will do our best to keep you apprised of any developments in that ongoing conversation.
In response to the suggestion that more signage might encourage late merging and use of the zipper strategy, ODOT has coordinated with the City to put a sign up just south of Goodspeed Road requesting drivers use both lanes. Despite all of the various efforts to get out the word, you will likely still observe a gap in folks embracing the zipper merge. Be patient, but also be leaders- don’t be afraid to use the right lane, and merge as late as possible. As spring break traffic comes to town next week, maximizing all of the lane capacity available is the best way to keep the line from backing up out of town.

Hwy 101/6 Project Update: Final Sidewalk Demo on East Main

The final demolition of the old sidewalk on the east side of Main between First and Second is set to take place on Monday, 3/19. Access to Food Roots, Matthew Lyon’s office and The Local Dog House will be maintained with temporary planking, and (barring any unforeseen circumstances) things should go quickly there with the new curbing scheduled to be set at the end of next week and the new sidewalk poured early the following week. The corners at First and Main and Third and Main should be wrapped up by the end of this week, which means we are close to looking at the shift of traffic over to the newly constructed east side, opening up the west side for work. There is still weather to contend with, but all signs are pointing to that transition occurring by mid-April.

The big bridge deck pour went as planned on Saturday, and it is currently set to cure through March 24th. In the interim, work begins on the endwalls, forming and pouring them. (In non-construction speak, endwalls are basically the on and off ramp parts of the bridge.)

The electric work continues to be moving at a furious pace. Work continues on Main, but also the forming and cement work for the setting of the poles along the Hoquarton Park area is slated this week and through next week.

For those of you on Facebook, you may have noticed a significant amount of community dialog about the zipper merge. Law enforcement has been an active presence in the merging area, and drivers who are straddling the lane line blocking the use of both lanes have been cited. Zipper merging is encouraged, and ODOT is working with the City to get additional signage in place encouraging folks to use both lanes as long as possible. Thank you for helping spread the word.

Hwy 101/6 Project Update: Racing the Rain and Downtown Flagging

This week started with a few nice days, and there has been a huge flurry of activity to make the most of the sun break. Flagging continues downtown through Wednesday, moving from the trenching work required for drainage on Fourth Street up to the east side of intersection of Third and Main and then the west side of the junction of First and Main, where sawcutting will proceed trenching that is necessary for electrical work. Continue to expect some traffic delays as a result of that flagging, and plan your route accordingly.
While the flagging is related to underground work that make it hard to visually track progress, in other areas we can easily see how things are coming together and things are moving along. The final sidewalk pour between Second and Third took place Monday, and as soon as the curing period passes that entire block will reopen for through pedestrian traffic. The final radial pours in front of the Pioneer Museum are scheduled for this week, as is the bioswale in front of Sunset Tans, the northern part of the Front Street sidewalk, and the curbing of the corner of Third and Main in front of Homelife Furniture. Unfortunately, the weather does not look as promising heading in to next week, and plans to pour the sidewalk on Fourth and the sidewalk on the north end of the block between First and Second may be delayed depending on the rain.
The other big pour that has been scheduled will take place this Saturday: The Bridge Deck. This is a huge amount of concrete, and, unlike the sidewalks (which only take a day or two to set up), two full weeks have been dedicated after the pour for things to cure completely. Don’t expect to see activity dry up on the bridge, however. Next Monday the plan is to dive in to the formation of the end walls, so work will continue to move along quickly there.
Only a couple of weeks before spring break, and the additional traffic is heavy on everyone’s minds. There have been some very slow days moving southbound in to downtown, and tensions have been high. Please try and keep in mind that no one is excited to be waiting in that line, and do your best to proceed with caution and forgiveness. Zipper merging is not only legal, but encouraged, and folks who are hovering in the middle of the road or blocking traffic have been cited. However bad your day is due to the slow traffic, a ticket or an accident is much worse: be careful.

Hwy 101/6 Project Update: Quick progress on the north half of the last Main block

Progress continues this week with immediate results on the block between First and Second on the east side of Main. Demolition of the old sidewalk took place quickly, opening up the area from the north end of Food Roots, past the old Irish Pub and Sunset Tans, to the intersection with First. There is temporary sidewalk creating an access to Sunset Tans that is accessible from the Rodeo driveway. Already, the bioswale and sidewalk area are being excavated, which will transition over the next week to grading, and (weather permitting) the forming and pouring of the bioswale and driveway access on Main. On Tuesday, I chatted with several folks who were fighting the dreary weather by taking advantage of the Two-Dollar-Tuesday tans at Sunset Tans, and the consensus was that parking on Pacific and walking around the north side of the block in front of the Rodeo made for the most convenient access.
Elsewhere in the project, it is a continuation of last week’s activities. The final sidewalk pours in front of Pacific Restaurant are scheduled for late this week. The heating oil tanks in front of So Chic Boutique and Homelife Furniture have been cleared for removal, so the filling and grading of that block are underway and things will be buttoning up there. The bridge deck formation is moving along rapidly, and it looks as if it will be ready for pouring in mid-March.
On Monday, March 5th, the intersection of Fourth and Main will be flagged from 8 am to 3 pm as crews lay the drainage pipe that will connect drains near Liberty Tax to the new drainage by Wells Fargo. Expect some traffic delays as a result of that flagging, and plan your route accordingly- it may be a nice day to remind yourself how lovely Fifth Street is.

Hwy 101/6 Project Update: Tackling the Last Block on the East-Side of Main

The big news this week is that we can expect the construction to begin on the final block of the east side of Main early next week. Construction on the west side of First, between Pacific and Main, is almost complete, and access in to the Rodeo parking lot from First can be reopened. This will allow the crew to close the Main Ave access and demo the entire block (from First to Second) at one time. Business access to Sunset Tans, Food Roots, Matthew Lyon’s office and the Local Dog House will be maintained by a temporary sidewalk from Second Street headed north.
Sidewalk and concrete work throughout the project is on the schedule, but remains weather dependent. When I have been writing “weather dependent” in the past, I have always considered the the variable to be rain, but it turns out that concrete also requires certain temperatures- there is a thirty-five degree minimum to pour, which has been a bit of a question mark at times this week.
There is a lot of electrical work going on in tandem with this stage in the sidewalk progress. You may notice crews busy setting electrical cabinets and some of the conduit, boxes and crossing fixtures over the next week. Layers of this work happen at each stage in the construction process, and then will all be tied together and go live later in the project.
Despite the cold temperatures this week, spring is just around the corner, and downtown is gearing up. If you find yourself with a few free moments, I would encourage you to take advantage of parking on Pacific or Second and wander around. It is an interesting experience to walk the old sidewalks on the west side of Main, the construction planks of east Main, and then explore the new sidewalks on Pacific. Downtown merchants have remained dedicated during all of this turmoil, and there has been some new business activity that has cropped up amidst all of this dust. We invite you to check out the Art Walk this Saturday, 2/24 from 1-3, or Food Roots’ new location and locally sourced farm products. Not only are the streets themselves seeing huge progress, the downtown business atmosphere is as well- thank you for your continued attention to the project, and we look forward to seeing you downtown!

Hwy 101/6 Project Update: Some hands on deck, some hands all over the rest of the project

More great news! The last of the girders went in Tuesday morning, as smooth as anyone might hope for. Attention on the bridge will now immediately shift to building the deck, which is estimated to take about a month.

Elsewhere in the project, the good weather has meant that concrete work is zipping along- the first pours into the radial pattern on the corner of First and Pacific in front of the Pioneer Museum are complete, with the next pours just waiting on curing and weather and on track to wrap up next week. Curb work on Front Street will take place later this week, as well as more forming, pouring and set up of the sidewalks and ADA ramps on the north half of the block between Second and Third, in front of Pacific Restaurant.

One of the heating oil tanks that was discovered on the north half of the block between Third and Fourth in front of Homelife Furniture was removed Monday, and the second tank, located in front of So Chic Boutique, should come out soon. Access to those businesses is still in place, with the approach to So Chic and Diamond Art set up from the south side of the block.

Folks who are really paying attention to project details will notice that the gate at the Post Office has been installed and is fully operational. Electricians are working on several aspects of the project, installing the conduit and basework for future traffic control devices, so you may notice that activity in several areas.

It has been fun to report to you how efficiently things have been moving forward these past few weeks. Both for the sake of the project and our collective Vitamin D levels, please join me in keeping your fingers crossed for nice weather, which is a major factor in keeping up this recent pace. Thank you to all the folks you sent over pictures and comments about the project and the newsletter. If you have anything you would like to share, please feel free to call or email me or share them to the Tillamook Chamber Facebook page.

Highway 101/6 Project Update: Girder-pocalypse Phase 2

Last week we had incredible support spreading the message about the setting of the girders on Friday. Good news and bad news- everything went so smoothly and quickly that all of the girders were set and delivered prior to noon on Friday with minimal traffic back up during the morning and the bridge free and clear all afternoon. The bad news, you ask? I was unable to get any video footage to share with you. Don’t worry though- the next sets of girders are slated for delivery on Monday (February 12th) and Tuesday (February 13th) with the same timeline originally expected for this past Friday. Please double down on spreading the word again that bridge traffic will be highly impacted by girder delivery and crane work from 8-4 on Monday and Tuesday. We will all cross our fingers that things go as smoothly and quickly next week, but be ready for a longer window of delays.
If you’ve been driving through this week wondering what is happening between girder deliveries, you’ve likely noticed that crews are very busy in the area removing the crane pads and prepping for the next two deliveries. Monday will see the setting of the girders on the north side, and Tuesday the south side. Don’t worry- I have it on my calendar to get there with camera in hand.
Elsewhere on the project, sidewalk pours have been moving along on the southern half of the block between Third and Fourth, allowing for a shift in pedestrian traffic to begin excavation on the north end of the block between Homelife Furniture and Diamond Art Jewelers. This is important to note in the Valentine’s Day shopping rush- Diamond Art and So Chic are ready for you, despite the change in access. The north side of that block has a minimum of two rumored heating oil tanks, which contractors are set to deal with as quickly as possible. By next week we will likely have a better idea of what condition those tanks are in and how they will be dealt with.
You may have noticed how quickly work has progressed on the north half of the block between Second and Third! Sidewalks will be back in place and functional there in the very near future, and soon crews will be looking to dive in to the last block on the east side, between First and Second. Meanwhile, the pouring of the radial concrete in front of the Pioneer Museum is waiting for weather windows, but should be happening late this week and early next week. Below the surface, electrical conduit work is happening all along Main in anticipation of new signals and streetlamps. The City of Tillamook’s Public Works Department has been coordinating water line upgrades and installation along the new bridge work. Throughout the project area, specialists of all types are putting together the pieces as we enter the final nine months of work.
Thank you for all of your efforts in sharing the word about the traffic delays on the bridge, and if you have any questions or happen to catch any great photos of the progress, feel free to email them to me or share them to the Tillamook Chamber Facebook page.

Hwy 101/6 Project Update: Ready… Set… GIRDERS!

This week many of the things we discussed last week are continuing to roll along. Curbing was poured early this week in the area near Main and Fourth (south of Diamond Art Jewelers), and the “flatwork” (sidewalk and imprinting work) is underway in this last half of the week in that same area and also on North Main in front of Burden’s and stretching up toward America’s Mattress.
On the block between Second and Third, excavators are busy removing the last of the old sidewalk, and tackling the grading to prepare for the replacement of that sidewalk in the next few weeks. The vault that needed the wall replaced prior to finish is complete and closed with a new lid, and a temporary sidewalk is set and runs from the south end of the block near Sunflower Flats, so all businesses on that block are accessible from the corner of Third and Main.
The bridge work is also going smoothly. In the next two weeks, the girders will be brought in and placed, starting with the center span on Tuesday, February 6th, and then the end spans the following week, Monday and Tuesday, February 12th and 13th. There are eight girders in each of the spans, and bringing them in and placing them with the large crane will take most of the day. Traffic over the bridge will be closed intermittently as flaggers will stop traffic as a truck brings in the girder, and then the crane removes it and sets it down in to place. Flaggers will then reopen the bridge, clear out traffic and radio in the next truck. Expect intermittent long delays on the bridge between 8am and 4pm on Tuesday, 2/6Monday, 2/12, and Tuesday, 2/13. This will be an uncomfortable, frustrating few days of trying to move through town, so please plan ahead if possible, and keep in mind it will all be over soon.
Below I’ve included some photos from the progress in front of Pacific Restaurant this week, and a few photos I took last spring from my kayak under the northbound bridge (that we are currently using) while it was under construction.
Be safe out there!!

Hwy 101/6 Project Update: New Bridge Breaks Water and Progress Means More Changes Coming

Big changes begin to emerge this week and will continue in to the next few weeks as many areas in the project transition. The bridge supports are in place in the water, and this Friday, late morning, there will be a truck with concrete setting up to pour from the new bridge that is currently in use down into forms that will provide the base for the new southbound bridge. Expect traffic delays while that pour takes place, which will last less than an hour but will likely cause significant traffic disruption during that hour. That pour and subsequent traffic delay on the bridge is expected late morning (around 10) this Friday, January 26th.
Just south of the bridge, the curb and gutter is complete along the west side of Main Street from Burden’s up to First, in front America’s Mattress. (Photo Below.) Sidewalk is not far off there, although that stretch and much of the other sidewalk pouring that needs to take place is weather dependent, and will be touch and go with the forecast the next few weeks.
Further south along Main, the sidewalks from the corner of Third headed north along Sunflower Flats, Annie’s Country Sportswear, and Everything Pets are poured and set and looking very nice. Access to Tangled Yarns is intact from that new sidewalk. Now that the southern portion of that block is complete, demolition of the northern stretch, from Tangled Yarns up to the corner of Second Street Plaza, is set to take place through next week. There is only one vault in that stretch, which has already been excavated. One wall needs to be built there, and then it will be lidded and the rebuild of the sidewalk can begin. Once the demo starts early next week, access to Pacific Restaurant will transition from Main Street to their side door on Second Street Plaza.
Transition is on the horizon for the next block of Main as well- the heating oil tank that is south of Diamond Art Jewelers has run the agency gauntlet, and crews now have the green light to safely abandon that tank in place. The bioswale on that corner has already taken shape, and curb and gutter (followed by sidewalks) will be coming soon, assuming the weather cooperates.
Moving northeast a bit, you have probably noticed the forming and layout in place for the radial patterned concrete that is going in front of the Pioneer Museum on the corner of First and Pacific. Everything is set there to start pouring concrete as soon as it stops pouring rain.
In front of the Rodeo, work is progressing quickly. Another oil tank is set there, but this one is actually still in active use, and so the project will adapt to accommodate it. Stormwater drains and catchbasins are being set through there. and access to the Rodeo continues to be through the side door while they wrap up the underground work and get things graded and prepped for sidewalk replacement.
Finally, I just wanted to remind everyone about the zipper merge process and encourage you take advantage of as much of the lane capacity as there is available for as long as it is available in an effort to minimize the traffic back ups, particularly when headed southbound on from North Main. I will include another video about zipper merging below, and encourage you to share the strategy with friends and co-workers. Be safe out there!!

Hwy 101/6 Project Update: Rodeo on First Street

The rain has returned with a vengeance this week, and much of the concrete and sidewalk work that will need to happen over the next few weeks will be at the mercy of the weather. As you drive through the project area you are sure to notice that curb, gutter and sidewalk crews are all over the place. In addition to big leaps forward in the radial work in front of the Pioneer Museum, the work continues on Main between Second and Third, and around the bioswale on Fourth and Main.
Excavation on First St between Pacific and Main in front of the Rodeo Steakhouse is one of the most striking new developments. Please note that the Rodeo is open regular hours throughout construction, and that access is available through their side door, which is on the west side (Main Street side) of the building, set back in their parking lot. A recent lunch there reminded me that I would cross any barrier for those spicy cheesy egg rolls…
Things are also moving efficiently on the bridge work. There are some big pours scheduled through the end of this week and in to next week, which will provide the base structure for the new bridge. This is exciting for progress, but also an easy way to get distracted as you’re driving through the area. Please be mindful of the stop and start traffic through the project area and stay safe.

Hwy 101/6 Project Update: The Final Chapter Begins

Happy New Year!! Things have been busy since the start of the 2018, with lots of progress on the bridge and the beginning of the development of the “Crosstown Connections” trail, along with curb, gutter, and sidewalk work. Demolition of the old bridge is underway this week, and the calendar is full of bridge work in the next couple of weeks as some big pours go in. If you’ve been to the Feed Store lately down on Front St., you’ve likely noticed the incredible progress at Sue H. Elmore Park, and maybe noted the new sidewalk and driveway from Front St. into Burden’s.
Along First near Pacific, the curbing in front of the Pioneer Museum is coming together nicely, and the intricate radial pattern that is designed for that space should be coming soon. On the Post Office side, the brick wall is being finished this week, and the next couple of weeks includes the electrical work, concrete and track for the new gate that will be installed into the rear parking area.
On Main, the heating oil tank that was discovered in front of Everything Pets has been addressed, and that space filled so progress on the remaining vaults and northern stretch of sidewalk can move forward. Access to Tangled Yarns will shift from the north (Second St. south along Main to the door) to the south (so you will approach from Third, passing Sunflower Flats, Annie’s Country Sportswear, and Everything Pets). Decisions about how to handle the more massive tank between Third and Fourth are still being made.
Meanwhile, excavation crews have plenty to do tackling the clearing and beginning of the trail making process for the new “Crosstown Connections” path. The photo above shows the design and path of the trail that will lead from the Hoquarton Slough all the way to Goodspeed Park. For those of you who might need more of an incentive to try that trail out, later this spring Werner Gourmet Meats will be opening their Deli and Tasting Room, where you can follow that trail from downtown all the way through Goodspeed Park and across Third St to the big flag and enjoy a pint of Werner Brewing Company beer and an amazing lunch. I’ll see you there.
Cheers to a fulfilling and rewarding 2018!

Hwy 101/6 Project Update: Final Update of 2017

There has not been a lot of news lately to report- which is truly a sign of fairly smooth sailing. The heating oil tanks that were discovered along Main have been sampled and by the end of today they should both be completely drained out. Samples have been taken from the surrounding soil, and as soon as the results from those samples come back, contractors are prepared to move on with the next steps to get those areas filled and move forward toward sidewalk replacement.
You may notice a decrease in activity toward the end of this week through the new year. There is some year-end safety training scheduled for some of the contractors, along with the holiday juggle. Excavation and grading work will likely be ongoing, as well as some concrete work (assuming the weather is amenable). Bridge work will wrap up tomorrow (Wednesday) and resume again on January 2nd.
A reminder that pedestrian access IS OPEN across the new bridge and along the east side of the highway from Pacific to North Main. There is still some work going on at the bioswales on the north side, but pedestrians are welcome through there, and the Dial-A-Ride and Tillamook Wave services are no longer necessary for crossing through the area. Whether walking or driving through the area, it is a good idea to be extra attentive, as many folks will be visiting for the season and navigating the area for the first time or distracted with heads full of sugar plums and what not.
One area that you may notice construction efforts in the coming weeks is along the future trail that will lead from the Hoquarton Interpretive Area all the way out to Goodspeed Park. The clearing and grubbing (technical terms) of that trail will begin this week, and work on the next phase of the decking of the rail bridge over Highway 6 will begin very early in January.
Each week as we sit around the table and talk about scheduling and the immediate horizon, I ask the various representatives of the construction companies, engineering firms and ODOT if they have any special priorities that they would like to share in the newsletter. This week they asked me to convey their best wishes to all of the community this holiday season, and express their appreciation for the welcome they have received here. I join them in expressing my hope that these next few weeks are full of all of the things that you love and appreciate, and look forward to this coming year and all of the opportunity and promise that is ahead of us.

Highway Project: Surprise Oil Tank and Big Splash


The big news this week is the disruption of the smooth sailing we’ve been predicting on the block of Main between Third and Fourth. South of the entrance to Diamond Art Jewelry a large underground oil tank was discovered. The tank sits approximately fourteen feet underground, and still holds a small amount of oil. An environmental specialist has come out to draw a sample, and once results from that sample are in, the tank will be vacuumed out to allow for an inspection of the tank itself. That inspection will inform the next steps of how to address the issue. This is a great time to cross your fingers and hope for the best.
Despite that setback, progress continues to leap forward in other areas of the project. This week will include the pouring of sidewalks in front of Sunflower Flats in anticipation of a reconfiguration of pedestrian traffic in that area next week. Crews are ready to dive in and address two more vaults on Main (one in front of Pacific Restaurant, and the other between Tangled Yarns and Everything Pets). Compared to the massive vault on the corner, these two will be fairly small and straightforward- requiring reinforcing and new doors. Sunflower Flats is not quite out of the construction zone though- also Monday, crews will wrap around the corner and begin a similar reinforcement and new door for the Third Street access to the large basement under the Sunflower Flats/Tillamook Apartments building.
The final pours for the sidewalks that will reopen pedestrian access across the bridge should take place in the next two weeks, finally bringing an end to the need to shuttle back and forth through the area. The grading in front of the Pioneer Museum at the corner of First and Pacific is complete, and the radial concrete work there will be fill-in as the concrete crews move between other areas of the project.
Everything is on schedule for the demolition of the old bridge. The deck paneling in the center has been removed, and crews are now tearing out the diaphragms and girders. Once the center is completely removed, the same process will occur on the ends- deck first, then diaphragms and girders. By the end of next week the old bridge should be completely deconstructed.
Finally, I would like to draw your attention to the high water that rises quickly both on the south side of the bridge and along North Main just north of the bridge. Hitting either puddle can be extremely startling- both can get very deep fairly quickly. They are developing because the current height of the asphalt is about three inches lower than it will be at project completion. For obvious reasons, the curbing, gutters, and drainage have all been poured to accommodate the final road height, and the resulting gap that exists right now is creating the puddling. The faster you are going through the puddles, the more extreme they seem, so not only will you want to use extra caution regarding your own speed, you may want to note when other drivers are going fast through there and prepare for resulting splashing.
We have much to be thankful and joyous about this holiday season, despite the challenges presented to us during this time of growth. Thank you for continuing to follow along with the construction process and frequent the downtown businesses who are muddling through the thick of things. Small Business Saturday last weekend was a testament to shoppers’ ability to find parking; it was a busy day downtown and several businesses reported record numbers despite the construction. This coming weekend is the City of Tillamook’s holiday extravaganza- there will be festivities all afternoon in and around City Hall, including cookie decorating, live music, and pictures with Santa. The Tree Lighting Ceremony is set for 5:30, with the Tillamook Holiday Light Parade following shortly after. Hope to see you there!

Hwy Project Update Nov. 2

Happy Halloween! As I type, chaos is unfolding in front of the Chamber office in the form of Downtown Trick-or-Treating. The construction crews have definitely taken this event in to consideration, and heavy equipment and active work has been moved to accommodate the crowds. Police Chief Terry Wright has mustered his flagging squad to assist families back and forth across the streets, as safety in the midst of this project is a top priority.

A quick update on the overview of the project:

The manhole work that took place late last week in the middle of the intersection of First and Main was smooth and successful, which minimized the length of time the intersection had to be flagged. The dry weather has meant excavation work has been able to move along quickly, and the vault work on Main and the sidewalk and expanded landing in front the Pioneer Museum on the corner of First and Pacific have been progressing nicely. The rest of this week will include the final removal of old materials from the vaults in front of Sunflower Flats, Everything Pets and Tangled Yarns, as well as the placement of the last layers of fill and the waterproof membrane that will be installed below the sidewalk. That work will set the stage for a big next step: the beginning of demolition of the stretch of Main in front of Diamond Art Jewelers down to the corner of Fourth and Main near Wells Fargo. The block will be torn up in two sections, with that southern section coming out first. All involved are optimistic that the stretch there will go quickly, as there are no underground vaults to address. That corner will feature a bioswale, as will the corner in front of Sunflower Flats. The plan is to begin the layout of both bioswales in the next few weeks in tandem with each other.

Be prepared that this upcoming work will mean traffic down to one lane at times and the closure of parking on the east side of Main all the way from Second (where we have seen it closed to Third) down to Fourth (where we have previously enjoyed parking in front of So Chic Boutique and Diamond Art). It does not look like there will be much need for flagging in the upcoming weeks, but with all of these changes and some of the big equipment required to do this work, please continue to be extra cautious and allow plenty of time to move through downtown.

Also, brush your teeth. I mean, enjoy the festivities…


HWY Project Update Oct. 11

“Weather dependent” was the most used phrase at this week’s Highway Project meeting. Almost all aspects of the project are impacted by rainfall, and crews are constantly trying to predict where to dive in based on the forecast. The work on Main Street in the vaults in front of Everything Pets and Tangled Yarns was delayed slightly while waiting for an inspection, but has now received a green light and excavation and structural reinforcement will get going in the coming days, followed as soon as possible by concrete fill and then curbing and sidewalk building. Electrical work on both temporary and permanent signals on both Pacific and Main will be ongoing in the next couple of weeks, and lane closures may be necessary to accommodate that work.

One of the concerns that has been brought forward is the signage for the merging on southbound 101. Traffic back-ups are challenging and many folks have expressed significant frustration at cars who speed up in the right lane and are “cutting” in the traffic line. When discussing this at the ODOT table, I was directed to an instructional video on “Zipper Merging,” which, while a common practice elsewhere, is foreign to us polite, considerate Mooks. Here is a link to the video:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cX0I8OdK7Tk I recognize that this email and this link are unlikely to change driving patterns that are an inherent part of our culture, but I am hopeful we can together spread the word that “Zipper Merging” is not just jerky people rushing to the front of the line, but rather a taught driving practice. A reminder that we are often all just doing our best that we know how to do.

There is also a big picture update to share. Last week, the Chamber was able to pull together a quick meeting with representatives from ODOT, Senator Betsy Johnson, City officials, and Michelle Jenck, who represents the trucking industry as a “Citizen at Large” with the Oregon Transportation Commission, as well as several local property owners. The purpose of the gathering was to discuss specific concerns that local citizens have raised, including the “pork chop” shaped pedestrian island that was included in design plans on Front Street. The changes that the highway project has brought to the downtown area have been very concerning to the trucking industry, as quarters are tight in downtown. The designated trucking route includes Front St, and, as you can see in the original plan below, the design included a triangular curbed landing area in the middle of the juncture of Front Street and Highway 101. For large trucks, the curb in the middle of the road creates a challenging turning scenario. After careful review of the design and project development process, ODOT determined that removal of the “pork chop” curbed island was appropriate, and instead the pedestrian crossing will feature the continental style of striping (regular readers will remember that this is the description of the “Abby Road” style of crosswalk, which has most recently been painted at the juncture of Second and Pacific downtown). The final design will also clearly stripe the east and westbound lanes on Front, and include small raised bumps that will help alert drivers to lane boundaries.

The design process of this project has been in the works for many years, and the contracting and construction realities make changes in the plan extremely challenging. To have a modification like this at this stage of the game is very reflective of the the strong advocacy we have at the local level. We are very appreciative of ODOT’s willingness to work with us, and will continue our weekly meetings that allow us to share the next stages of the construction effort. If you have questions about the project, whether about the next step, or big picture, feel free to reply to this email, swing by the Chamber office at 208 Main, or give me a call.

Hwy Project Update Sept. 27

This week on Main Street we are seeing exactly how big of a deal the vault underneath the corner of Third and Main is! Monday crews boarded up the Main St windows of Sunflower Flats to protect the windows during the excavation. The Sunflower Flats team rushed over to Rosenberg’s and purchased spray paint to create some temporary signage, where they highlighted that they are open, that there are parking opportunities on Pacific, and their website, where folks can place orders and request deliveries. Tuesday morning the excavators came rolling in, and the sidewalks were demolished and rubble scraped out. Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, crews will be on site building forms for the footings in that vault, and then next week forming the walls while setting the footings in the next two (much smaller) vaults just to the north in front of Everything Pets and Tangled Yarns. Because of the depth and size of the corner vault, it will take a few weeks for all of the concrete work to be poured and cured prior to the final fill. All fingers are crossed that the rain will be minimal.

The need for dry weather extends to manhole work and grading on Front Street. The rain we had last week provided a glimpse at areas that would be inundated if opened during a storm, so crews are watching the weather closely as they move equipment around the site and planning where to start based on forecasts. The extension in front of the museum property on the corner of Pacific and First is also on deck for grading in preparation of the radial concrete work that will be done there, although progress may vary depending on weather.

This week will also include the installation of more railing throughout the project. Black railing has been unloaded in Second Street Plaza that is destined for the stretches near Wells Fargo and Little Cheese Coin-op Laundromat. Installation of the orange railing on the bridge is also anticipated this week. Preliminary reports indicate that it will be hard to miss.

As you navigate the downtown area, you may notice that the City of Tillamook has begun to install the parking signs from the Temporary Parking plan that was adopted last fall. Hopefully this will help guide visitors (and locals) to the available parking along Ivy and First. Simultaneously, Public Works has been re-striping many of those lots to maximize public utilization. We’ve certainly noticed an increase in the use of those lots from the foot traffic through the Visitor’s Center.

Due to the Chamber’s move downtown, we have a front row seat for most of the action downtown, and have been able to capture some interesting footage of the excavation work. We are doing our best to get that video up on our Tillamook Area of Commerce Facebook page, and will continue to upload interesting video and pictures that we take. You can access these visuals regardless of whether you are a member of Facebook by clicking here: https://www.facebook.com/TillamookChamberOfCommerce/

Get ready, Tillamook – more traffic changes are headed our way quickly

By Justin Aufdermauer
Executive Director

The number one question that Sierra and I get about the Hwy 101/6 construction project is when will it be finished? I know that at this point it feels like it’s been a part of our daily lives for a lifetime, but the simple answer is that the project will be completed in Fall of 2018. That has been the projected completion date since the beginning and hasn’t changed.

That means we have a little over a year to patiently maneuver around construction crews and carefully pay attention to traffic flow changes so that we all stay safe and get through the next 16-18 months.

First up is you’ve probably noticed that north- and south-bound traffic are now both traveling over the new Hoquarton Slough bridge. The old bridge will be demolished so that the west half of the bridge can be constructed. Duringthe first few months of this phase, the new bridge will be closed to all pedestrian traffic. If you regularly walk across the bridge to get to work or go shopping, you will need to be aware that for your safety you cannot cross the bridge on foot.

Fortunately, ODOT has partnered with the Tillamook County Transit District to provide a few shuttle for pedestrians who need to get across. Northbound pedestrians can catch the shuttle at the Post Office, and southbound travelers can hop on just north of Rosenberg Builders Supply. The shuttle will be available from approximately 7:30 a.m. until approximately 6:30 p.m.

If you need a ride earlier or later than that, you can call 503-457-7009 to be picked up at one of the locations listed. This service will remain in effect until the ADA accessible connection is completed on the east side of the new Hoquarton Slough bridge, scheduled for mid-October.

Along with the bridge completion project, Main Avenue will also be getting a facelift. Wider lanes and brand new sidewalks between First and Fourth are coming to match the work that was done on Pacific.

Work will begin on the east side of the street, replacing the sidewalks one block at a time starting at Second Street, before jumping across the street to the west side. Of course during this time period there will be very limited parking on Main Avenue between First and Fourth Streets, and Third Street might potentially be reduced to one lane again between Main and Pacific.

But before you start groaning, I want to bring to your attention a few reasons why we believe this next section will be much smoother than Pacific:

  • There is significantly more parking available off of Main than there is off of Pacific. If you own a business on Main, or frequent one, you shouldn’t have a difficult time finding a place to park nearby.
  • We are also expecting significantly less rain this winter, according to the Farmer’s Almanac, and with any construction project that is impacted by weather this prediction is good news.
  • The sidewalk improvements will begin between Second and Third Streets because of the vaults, and crews want to get those finished before we are in the depths of winter.
  • Many of the things that held up the Pacific side have already been completed and don’t have to be done again. All of the engineering tasks have been checked off and the work along Main should wrap up prior to next summer.

We are also getting new sidewalks on the southern side of First Street, and will see the completion of the cross-town connection path at Goodspeed Park and Hoquarton Slough that will be built over the highway.

As always, we appreciate your patience and our business community appreciates your patronage as we head into another fall and winter impacted by construction.  

If you would like to stay up-to-date on all the highway project news as it happens, sign up for our weekly e-newsletter at http://tillamookchamber.org/highwayproject.


Hy 101/6 Project Update Aug. 24

The summer construction season is wrapping up quickly, and we will be seeing some big changes on the ground throughout the Highway 101/6 project. Definitely expect night work- paving on Pacific is a priority, and this week we will be navigating single lane closures as paving begins, with a full detour in place Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday night next week. Pacific Ave. will be closed from fourth street north to First St. at night, and traffic will be detoured using Laurel and Fourth Street as alternatives to Pacific and Third.

The bioswales along Pacific will be drained, and, once all of the liners are down, the filtration pipe installed and the first layers of fill will be placed in the coming weeks. This should cut down on the standing water and make cleaning and maintenance simpler. A downtown cleanup effort is set for Friday, September 1st, from 9-noon. Organized by Tillamook High School Senior River Veek, this event is part of his larger Senior Project, in which he has mapped the downtown and recruited service organizations to adopt blocks during community clean up days. The debris build up in the bioswales has underscored how important these community cleanup efforts are.

Parking on Main Street will close on September 5th, immediately after Labor Day. Construction in that area is getting a jump start on the parking closure- crews will be tearing in to the underground vault on Third St just east of Main starting next Monday. Businesses intend to remain open and access to them is guaranteed by ODOT throughout the work on Main Street. This is a great time to check out the public parking lots along Ivy, as the reasons to visit the construction zone just increased by the release from Pacific Restaurant that they plan to open almost in tandem with the parking closure.

Bridgework will also get serious after Labor Day. The southbound bridge between Rosenberg Builders Supply and Front St will be closed, and traffic will be reconfigured over the new bridge to accommodate both north and southbound traffic. There have been many creative discussions about managing access to Rosenberg’s, and conversations continue. Pedestrian traffic through the area will also be challenging, and we are hoping the final pedestrian plan will be released early next week. Chief Wright continues to encourage people to be patient and vigilant as they navigate the area, whether on foot or behind the wheel.

Despite the stress and challenges that the coming months will bring, take heart in the fact that we are now essentially halfway through this project. The next few months will be especially tough as crews scramble to take advantage of the weather window and get a jump start on this next phase.

If you have any questions or concerns about the project or the next steps, feel free to contact us at the Tillamook Area Chamber of Commerce. We are open at our new location at 208 Main St., right in the thick of all this, Monday through Friday 9-5.


Coming THIS Thursday: Major Traffic Changes

The following is a press release from the Tillamook Police Department:

During the nighttime of Thursday, August 3rd, 2017, THIS THURSDAY Night, there will be traffic changes in the construction zone that WILL impact you. These are scheduled changes in the project. This pattern will be for about a month. There will be other changes in the future that will impact everyone. You can also access the current Chamber diagram for information on the project and upcoming changes at http://tillamookchamber.org/highwayproject.

The first major change is eastbound 1st Street, going towards Main Street from Stillwell Avenue. For at least the next month, when you get to Main Street, you can only turn right, south on Main Avenue through Downtown. You cannot turn left to go to North Main Avenue towards Fred Meyer, Northbound. If you are on First Street, the only way to go north is to go south to Third Street, through Downtown then left on Third Street and left on Pacific Avenue.

If you can avoid 1st Street and get onto Third Street, at least from Stillwell, and go east to Pacific, it will save you trying to drive Downtown and try to get from the right lane to the left lane on Main Street to turn left on 3rd in a few short blocks of heavy traffic. We will add back a second lane to 3rd Street between Pacific and Main to add stacking room. We are also working with ODOT to add time to the eastbound traffic to clear more vehicles.
The second major change will be at Pacific and First. The new connector from First to North Main will open. If you are on Pacific and want to go north to north Main, when you get to First Street, when you have the green light, you can just drive straight through the intersection on the new connector, through the project area. If you are westbound on First Street, approaching Pacific, in the right lane, you will turn right at Pacific onto the new connector and not have to go all the way to Main to turn right. There will now be only one light change conflict and not two like it is now at Main and First.

Most importantly, you need to focus driving through the construction zone now. There are going to be minor changes and delays constantly. The contractors are desperately trying to get as much done before it starts raining. The more they get done now, the less delays there will be in the future.

July 20 Highway 101/6 Project Update

Greetings All,

Each week, the entire Highway Project Team of engineers and contractors gathers to review a three week look-ahead schedule, which allows them to brainstorm how to mobilize specialists into different areas of the project with a kind of choreography that only a community that hosts three dance studios can truly appreciate.

All this coordination is further complicated by things like weather, state and federal regulations, fabrication of project elements, and possibly the biggest tourist event of the decade: the solar eclipse. ODOT has been tuning in to the extensive planning efforts around the state, and the decision was made to halt all construction during the height of the anticipated frenzy on August 21st and 22nd, giving folks an opportunity to clear out of town a bit prior to moving in to what all parties hope will be the paving cycle on Pacific. More information about the paving schedule will be available as we come closer, but we can anticipate single lane closures, night paving and a few short days of detouring.

On the immediate horizon, the (intentional) demolition of the wall adjacent to the Post Office will take place Thursday. Out of respect to their delivery schedule, special arrangements have been made to have a contractor onsite on Sunday to trench and lay drainpipe through the Post Office parking lot. Paving repair will take place overnight next Thursday, July 27th, in tandem with the paving of the new stretch of Pacific that goes from First St. to the bridge, and the removal of the sign bridge. Expect flagging along with night work on the 27th.

I have inserted below a photo of the map that hangs on the wall above the table where the weekly meetings take place. You can see some of the code language I referred to last week in the image. This week, I thought it might be a nice visual aid. Thank you for your ongoing interest in this project, and I look forward to sharing some before and after pictures next week!!



June 7th Hwy Project Update

The plaza is open for walk-throughs and that means that the Blue Moon Café has returned to its storefront and is open for business.  Now with one of the best views in the downtown!

Another grand opening of the plaza will occur on Friday the 16 with the Cork’n Brew festivities and there will also be music on the plaza that you can enjoy even if you weren’t lucky enough to score a Cork’n Brew ticket.  Of course, the weekend after that will be the June Dairy Parade with its own set of events scheduled for the new plaza.  The place is going to be hopping.

There are still a few items to be installed on the plaza but they will probably show up after the June Dairy Parade.  July should have us sporting a new informational kiosk in front of the electrical meters, decorative rails around the landscape wells, and bollards at each end of the one-way street, as well as in front of each parking space.

The other July unveiling should include the realignment of Pacific Avenue north of First.  Next week is scheduled for prepping all of the subgrade stabilization on the new approach while the lightweight concrete crews set-up for pouring.  They will be pouring not only the south side Pacific Avenue connection to the new bridge, but also the new City sidestreet that will be known as the Hoquarton Landing, with a picnic area, transit stop, and parking at the Hoquarton Park and bike/pedway entrance.  Tentatively, the paving of the new Pacific Avenue connection will be targeted for July 24th but that is dependant on getting all the pipework, water quality features, drainage, and everything else into place before that time.

In other construction news, on the bridge itself, the rails and pylons are being formed with a target to pour in two weeks, which should then allow the decorative rails, now in the process of being powder-coated, to be placed on top of the concrete ones.

The nightwork continues for this week in order to get the street conduit crossings and boxes placed so that the new vertical signal poles can be set next week.  The electrical interconnections for both the signals and the lights can then proceed.  The horizontal signal pieces will arrive in the following week or two.

The Eastside sidewalks are in the process of forming and pouring the water quality curbing so that the north end sidewalk can start pouring next week.

Our Highway Project E-news bulletin is created by Jeannell Wyntergreen, Highway 101/6 Project Liaison for the Tillamook Area Chamber of Commerce.   If you have any questions or would like to share a comment with the Chamber, contact her at hwyproject@tillamookchamber.org

May 31st Hwy Project Update

The bridge switch went off without a hitch, West First Street is paved and smooth, and the Memorial Day traffic load of tourists did their usual clog-up but nothing more, the project focus, other than some forming of bridge rails, is back to Pacific Avenue.

The sidewalk demolition work has cleared the way so that tonight will launch a couple of weeks of nightwork in the downtown area in order to minimize the traffic impacts of cutting in the utility crossings, manholes, storm drain inlets and beehives on the east side of the road.  The heavy equipment required for this work will take up one of the travel lanes for maneuvering and so northbound traffic will be restricted to one lane on the left.

Ear plugs have deposited at key residential locations downtown in recognition of the impending disturbance.

On the west side of the street, next week will see Northwest Liners arriving to line all of the deep holes along the new sidewalks that are meant to catch storm water run-off.  After lining, these will be filled with soil, and eventually plants, to filter the water before it runs into the Hoquarton and Bay.

There will also be a Water Quality vault installed this week in the area immediately downslope of the former Shell Station as the contractors prepare the ground for the south approach to the bridge which will connect the bridge with the north end of Pacific, thereby bringing the final highway configuration into reality.  The tentative date for getting this paving work done, along with the paving of the new City street alongside it, which will be named Hoquarton Landing, is currently targeted for July 12th.  Once this Pacific Avenue extension is in place, the area around the former station will become Shell Island and will be difficult to work in.

Last but not least, the multi-textured festival plaza work is wrapping up with a crosswalk tie-in being poured on the Main Street end and plywood being placed over the tree wells so that nobody trips on them during the Cork’n Brew festivities on Friday, June 16th.

Our Highway Project E-news bulletin is created by Jeannell Wyntergreen, Highway 101/6 Project Liaison for the Tillamook Area Chamber of Commerce.   If you have any questions or would like to share a comment with the Chamber, contact her at hwyproject@tillamookchamber.org

May 23rd Highway Project Update

Tonight’s the night that the switch gets flipped.  The asphalt crews will be working on the bridge from 7:00 PM until 2:00 AM at which time the night flaggers arrive so that the stripers can begin their work of grinding out the old striping and laying down the new travel lanes.  Come tomorrow morning, Wednesday the 24th, the new bridge will be accepting its first traffic.

One lane of northbound traffic will be wiggled around the old Shell Station and guided up main to tie in over onto the new bridge come Wednesday morning.  For the duration of Wednesday, there will also be a single lane southbound on Main as the contractors complete the transition.  Once Thursday rolls around, traffic can return to two lanes southbound.

With all the adjustments, the two lanes of westbound coming into downtown on East First Street, otherwise known as Highway 6, will remain open in order to serve the anticipated heavy Memorial Day traffic.  The sewerline paving work on West First Street should be complete and freeflowing for traffic.  The accesses to the Third Street Shell Station will also remain open through the weekend even though eastside sidewalk demolition work is already launched along Pacific Avenue.

The typical holiday snarl may be slightly hyper-typical this year, especially since we’re going to have good weather, but the construction project and the City are attempting to clear as many routes through the City as possible.  Regardless of everyone’s best efforts, there will be stacking and tempers will be tried, but please pack plenty of patience and it should be a beautiful weekend.

As for the work crews, they will rest too.  There will be no work on Memorial Day.

Which brings us to the summer.  The multi-textured Plaza work will be wrapping up this week and the facility should be ready for the Cork’n Brew festivities on June 16th.  We will have some awkward pinches compared to our usual comfort zone, such as there won’t be any parking on First Street for the Farmers’ Market, but these are just growing pains that won’t stop our forward motion.

Our Highway Project E-news bulletin is created by Jeannell Wyntergreen, Highway 101/6 Project Liaison for the Tillamook Area Chamber of Commerce.   If you have any questions or would like to share a comment with the Chamber, contact her at hwyproject@tillamookchamber.org

May 17th Highway Project Update

In addition to flowers and tourists, the sunshine that is on its way is going to be coating the town with asphalt.  When the sun burns through tomorrow morning, expect to see the project crews swarming over the bridge this entire weekend as they ready the new structure to accept traffic on the 24th of this month (Wednesday of next week).

To do that, the balance of the bridge sidewalks, rails, and overlook need to get poured in order to ready everything for the pavers, who are coming on Monday.  Once the pavers arrive, plans are to work right through Monday and Tuesday nights getting the bridge paved in two three-inch lifts and a temporary tie-in laid back to Main Avenue.  Late on Tuesday night, the flaggers and stripers will take over, realigning the lanes so that northbound traffic up main will be guided over onto the new bridge come Wednesday morning.

It may be a bit rough on Wednesday as the finishing touches are put on and everyone gets used to the new alignment but by the end-of-day, the switch should be complete with two lanes open for the southbound on Main over the old bridge and one lane running north over the new bridge.  This so-called ‘Memorial Day Configuration’ will  probably be in place until the middle of July when the south approach should be completed and northbound traffic will no longer have to take the dogleg around the old Shell Station, but can roll directly off of Pacific onto the new bridge.

While all of that is underway, starting tomorrow, the flatwork crews will be finishing up the decorative quilted concrete panels on Second Street in a series of four pours working from Main toward Pacific.  This should complete the puzzle and enable the streetscape pieces such as the kiosk and covered bike rack to be installed shortly thereafter with the bollards completing the plaza once they arrive in the next few weeks.  The Cork’n Brew festivities on June 16th will inaugurate the Plaza, as it will then be ready for summertime events.

Now that the traffic has been shifted to two lanes on the west side of Pacific Avenue, work on the east side sidewalks is also in full swing.  To get portions of the demolition work done, there will be some nightwork required in the next few weeks that will close one of the lanes, but for the most part, construction can otherwise occur using the parking bays without limiting the two northbound lanes.

As if that weren’t enough to deal with, this intense ODOT construction schedule is going to be matched by the paving of the last of the City’s sewerline project on First Street.   The grinding of First from Stillwell to Cedar and then around the corner to 4th and west is set to happen this Friday so that overlay paving can follow behind starting next Monday.  Please beware of the manhole covers and other obstructions sticking up along that route over the weekend and expect to be rerouted in that area beginning of next week.

Our Highway Project E-news bulletin is created by Jeannell Wyntergreen, Highway 101/6 Project Liaison for the Tillamook Area Chamber of Commerce.   If you have any questions or would like to share a comment with the Chamber, contact her at hwyproject@tillamookchamber.org

May 9th Highway Project Update

Now that the sun has finally arrived from wherever it was vacationing, safety orange is blossoming everywhere.  The crews, whether ODOT contractors or City’s, or even the telecommunications cablemen, are out there working on just about every other street downtown, making hay while the sun shines.

And just when you were getting used to it, the northbound traffic on Pacific Avenue will switch to the other side tonight after the nightwork crews sweep the lanes, throws some asphalt mix in the conduit trenches across the road, and restripes the travel lanes.  You will be driving on the west side of Pacific Avenue tomorrow morning and that will allow the contractors to start sawcutting the eastside sidewalks on Thursday.  The whole thing is getting rather breathless in its pacing.

The future realignment of Pacific is beginning to be recognizable as the cellcrete approaches have been mixed and formed up so that you can see the new curve wrap around the old Shell station on the south side of the bridge as it chases the excavation up the hill.  The long lines of concrete trucks have been pouring their hearts out getting the deck laid on the bridge itself.  On the north side, the widened road will be ready to be paved next week so that the contractors can tie-in the old road to the new on the night of the 24th and switch the traffic over on the 25th.

With ODOT’s announcement of delays last week, the work on the east Pacific sidewalks will be extending through June.  While we were all hoping that such activity would be cleared out of the way by Memorial Day, it will not impact the June Dairy Parade because it has been rerouted this year to come from the south and turn east up Third in order to avoid the construction area.

The westside sidewalks are getting their finishing touches as the bi-colored unit pavers are being carefully-placed in geometric patterns down the curbside.  Unfortunately, the trees and shrubs won’t be planted for another year, but all of the rest of the streetscape features can be installed even while traffic has been shifted to that side.

The Second Street Plaza, with its mosaic of different colored pours, is nearing completion.  The decorative lights are due to arrive next week.  The Cork’n Brew and the June Dairy Parade are already planning multiple events on the new centerpiece.  All that is needed is six more dry days for six more pours.  That is all that is needed to get it wrapped by Memorial Day!

Our Highway Project E-news bulletin is created by Jeannell Wyntergreen, Highway 101/6 Project Liaison for the Tillamook Area Chamber of Commerce.   If you have any questions or would like to share a comment with the Chamber, contact her at hwyproject@tillamookchamber.org

May 3rd Highway Project Update

The project crews continue to push six and seven days a week in an effort to keep the progress steaming forward.  The buff-colored decorative concrete is set to be poured tomorrow between the dark ribbons and the terra-cotta accent pads that are already in place; the concrete quilt is coming together.  The driller’s in town working the corner by the Wells Fargo Bank and moving up Pacific in order to ensure that all traffic signal foundations are set in the next two weeks.  The bridgework assembly is clicking together in rapid production with a projected asphalt course being applied on the 22nd of this month.  All this without any additional nightwork in the next couple of weeks.

That said, the Chamber was informed on Tuesday that ODOT would be issuing a press release today with an important scheduling announcement regarding the bridge approaches.  We will forward that release to you once it is received, we anticipate this to be a short-term project delay notice.

In order for the contractors to position for the demolition of the east side sidewalks, the traffic will be flopped to the west side of the street next Monday, presuming that the weather materializes as forecast so that the restriping can be done.  This will still leave some work to be done next week on the west side walkways between 2nd (Blue Moon) and 1st (Rodeo) but that will be handled by a temporary lane closure for that short-term work.

With the work swinging over to the other side of the street, the Chamber has requested that ODOT ensure open parking on the west side of Pacific.  The parking bays are only six foot deep, but if the contractor can find enough slack that avoids the wheel ruts developing in the Pacific travel lane, the prospects are good for getting that parking back.

Recent schedule adjustments presented by the contractor show the west side of Pacific being completed by the original date of Memorial Day, however the east side of Pacific is now scheduled to be fully wrapped up by the end of June.

The extended sidewalk work on the east side will surely have an impact on the beginning of summer business, but hopefully, the completion of the plaza, and the west side of the street, and possible parking, this will allow for a vibrant tourist season. The final touch will be the paving crew looking at overlaying Pacific from 4th to 1st before the Fourth of July.  That should put a fine finish on the roadway for the rest of the summer traffic.

Somewhere between all of this hubbub, we will celebrate.  The Cork’n Brew is set for the first event on our new Plaza on June 16th followed by the June Dairy Festival activities on the 24th.  We may have to be careful navigating the crowds through the bits of sidewalk construction as they move from the Farmers’ Market down 2nd to the Plaza and points beyond, but after this long haul, it will all seem worthwhile.

Our Highway Project E-news bulletin is created by Jeannell Wyntergreen, Highway 101/6 Project Liaison for the Tillamook Area Chamber of Commerce.   If you have any questions or would like to share a comment with the Chamber, contact her at hwyproject@tillamookchamber.org

April 26th Hwy Project Update

Second Street Plaza
The Second Street Plaza is blooming in the rain.  The revelation of the new stamped and colored concrete corners on Pacific Avenue have already brightened up the dreary weather.
Now the forms are being set for the pouring of the striking dark gray “tactile paver strip” that will serve as the visual “curbing” on the street to differentiate the pedestrian from the vehicular areas when cars are using the westbound one-way.    When the plaza is blocked off from traffic for special events, the flat strip will not trip dancers or audience members.
Between the patterns established by those two colors, the variously-scored pebble-color concrete sections which form the base lines of the plaza will be poured over the next three weeks.  Then during the week of the May 21st, the benches, bollards, and light poles will be placed in order for the entire plaza to be ready to open by the weekend of Memorial Day.  And then be used as part of the June Dairy Parade festivities.
Multiple local companies have been helping in the plaza construction including Bros and Hoes Landscaping, Westwind Concrete, and CoastWide Ready Mix.  The landscapers will also be laying the unit pavers between the curb and sidewalk all the way down Pacific from My 12 through the 21st, adding another strip of color down the road.
The other project piece that is tracking well with being completed on schedule is the Hoquarton Bridge itself.   The excavator crews and lightweight concrete crews will be flipping back forth between the North and South bridge approaches over the next month, grading, tying in water & sewer lines, and installing the curb, gutter, driveways, & bio-retention ponds to make way for the sidewalk crews to move in on the approaching sidewalk pours.
Atop the bridge, the electrical is now going in along the east side with the forming of the overlook getting finished up next Wednesday and sidewalks/overlook being poured during the next week.  And then the magic happens as the bridge rail base and pylons take shape and the bright orange handrail is installed in the week before Memorial Day.
All this despite our record-setting rainfall which has turned a series of contractors’ schedules into unreadable wet rags.  While it has been trying, the patience of the Tillamook community during this difficult process has been phenomenal.

Our Highway Project E-news bulletin is created by Jeannell Wyntergreen, Highway 101/6 Project Liaison for the Tillamook Area Chamber of Commerce.   If you have any questions or would like to share a comment with the Chamber, contact her at hwyproject@tillamookchamber.org

April 19th Highway Project Update

In an effort to catch up with the schedule, the project crews have been working six-tens in most locations.  Westwind, the concrete flatwork subcontractors, will be jamming on the sidewalks with the Rendezvous on track to be completed by this Friday and the ramps by the Phoenix Exchange set to go next Monday, and then on to the sidewalks between Second & First Streets by the end of next week.  Not long after, a concrete crew will be peeling off to start the sidewalks on the north side of the project by the Diesel Repair Shop.  Meanwhile, the concrete stamping work in the Second Street Plaza will be ongoing as weather allows.

There have been the usual surprises with fuel tanks under the sidewalks by the Blue Moon and phone poles without adequate bracing, but each headscratcher is dispensed with as it arises, and the crews shift to work around the problem.

The electrical team is pushing right along with the sidewalk crews, setting the last pole foundation up by the Rodeo by Wednesday next week and then jumping onto the bridge to run electrical for the lighting on the east side.

If you want to see a “Guppy” in action, one is moving in this week on the north side of the bridge to start pouring lightweight concrete off the ends of the bridge.  Once the sewer lines are installed on the south side, the “Guppy” will switch over to start pouring lightweight on that end in a couple of weeks.

Another set of nightwork events will occur on 101 next Monday and Tuesday nights in order to reset barrier pins.

On the bridge itself, while the deck is curing, wingwalls are being poured and next week will see the east side water overlook being formed up.  When the project is done, there will be a cantilevered overlook on each side of the bridge for viewing up and down the Hoquarton, hopefully creating an inviting showpiece in the heart of the community.

With all of this preparatory work coming together, we should finally be able to see the new streetscape take shape in three weeks from now as pavers go down, tree grates are installed, along with decorative fences around the new streetside planters.

Hopefully, as the sun comes out more often, all of this effort should reveal some substantial visible progress like a rainbow at the end of a storm.

Our Highway Project E-news bulletin is created by Jeannell Wyntergreen, Highway 101/6 Project Liaison for the Tillamook Area Chamber of Commerce.   If you have any questions or would like to share a comment with the Chamber, contact her at

April 5th Highway Project Update

After extended discussion, and multiple schedule revisions, at this week’s ODOT project team meeting, the contractors and agency partners concluded that, in order to expedite the Pacific Avenue sidewalk work, additional crew resources would be put into grading and finishing the last conduit work on the west Pacific sidewalk between 2nd and 3rd this week so that the concrete can start to be poured next Tuesday and then reopened for foot traffic by the week thereafter.

While the flatwork is being poured, all the digging and curbline work would continue across the 2nd Street intersection so that the concrete work could follow right behind.   Work on these first two segments would then lead to the demolition of the remaining west Pacific sidewalks up past the Rodeo.  Once that alignment is complete, the plan is to swing the concrete crews over to the Second Street Plaza, which should be graded and ready, and start them working the full street from east to west.  With the concentrated prep work leading the way, the concrete crews should be able to keep pouring continuously, without having to wait on subgrade stabilization, curb & gutter, or weather.

In order to make this approach function, the access to the Blue Moon Café would be flipped, moving back to their westward door with a boardwalk that would be constructed to Main.  The Phoenix Exchange, which has been struggling along with its limited access, has agreed to limit it even further by closing for a couple of days when the crews pour their access, rather than having their approach poured in halves to allow continuous access to their business.  That way, while the disruption is greater, it is for a shorter period of time as the entire entry would cure all at once.

Because these are going to be tough times for those businesses, please go out of your way to patronize them during this period while the intensity of the sidewalk work around their businesses increases in an effort to get it done faster.

In other project arenas, the installation of the electrical conduits for future undergrounding of wires is nearing completion under the impending plaza, thanks to a partnership of the project contractors, the City, the Urban Renewal Agency, and the Tillamook People’s Utility District.

The nightwork in front of Rosenberg’s has run smoothly so far, enabling the installation of the 18-inch storm drain tie-in crossings to be placed without too much traffic disruption.  There is still some storm drain work to come with the 30-inch and 36-inch tie-ins remaining to be completed on the north end.  The City’s waterline is already installed in the bridge and ready to be hooked up when the storm drains are done.

The bridge itself is going through its readiness checklist in anticipation of starting to pour the deck around the 13th of April.  This major construction element will take about a week to complete.

Our Highway Project E-news bulletin is created by Jeannell Wyntergreen, Highway 101/6 Project Liaison for the Tillamook Area Chamber of Commerce.   If you have any questions or would like to share a comment with the Chamber, contact her at hwyproject@tillamookchamber.org

March 31st Highway Project Update

Oregon spring break has thrown more than usual commotion into the traffic mix and next week’s Washington break may add even more, particularly if the weather shows a couple of strands of sunshine.

They’ll be arriving to see the further demolition of the west sidewalk between 2nd and 1st Streets up to the Rodeo.  That will push the envelope with having two blocks open at a time but the hope is to move right in behind them with the curbs, driveways, ADA Ramps, and sidewalks.

The pedestrian bridges and pathways to the entrances along Pacific have taken on the appearance of a maze.  With the underground vaults exposed, the residents and business patrons have found the work beneath their feet quite intriguing.   In this next week however, the lids for those vaults should be poured and the vaults backfilled so that attraction will disappear back underground.

Next door, the Second Street plaza will be getting a lot of attention as the conduits for the future undergrounding of electrical power in the plaza is installed by Just Bucket Excavating, Inc., so that the base for the new roadway and the fine grading can follow shortly behind.

And right behind that, Westwind, the concrete flatwork subcontractors, will be building a 10 x 10 plaza mock-up so that everyone can see a sample of what the future will bring.  At a later point, after everyone is done admiring it, the mock-up will be incorporated into the permanent flatwork on the Plaza.

Similarly, the bridgework is now on a very focused timeline as the decks are being formed up, run-offs are set up, and bulkheads maneuvered into place in preparation for the deck pour that is targeted for Tax Day.  Remember that’s April 18th this year.

Fortunately, Spring breakers will not likely encounter the traffic-stopping drainage pipe crossings by the front of Rosenberg’s as those are set to occur as night work early next week.  These tie-ins will run back to the east side where the main drain has been laid, and getting them across 101 will require flaggers to move vehicles through, so with the holiday traffic and Rosenberg’s business activities in mind, the decision was made to shift the work out of high traffic hours and into the night.

Our Highway Project E-news bulletin is created by Jeannell Wyntergreen, Highway 101/6 Project Liaison for the Tillamook Area Chamber of Commerce.   If you have any questions or would like to share a comment with the Chamber, contact her at hwyproject@tillamookchamber.org

March 24th Highway Project Update

The sidewalk on Pacific Avenue between 4th and 3rd Streets by Wells Fargo Bank and Homelife Furniture has been opened up to foot traffic, the fuel tanks have been removed and the Pacific Avenue undersidewalk vaults opened up for repair and reconstruction.  With vault lids being set by the Rendezvous this week and the Blue Moon next, the contractor is pushing hard to get the sidewalk work next to the Tillamook Apartments and the Rendezvous poured and cured so that the folks who traffic that block can return to some semblance of normalcy.

Admittedly, the pedestrian pathways leading to the entrances along Pacific have been confusing for both residents and patrons; hopefully a clear system that everyone can pick up on intuitively will be in place by this weekend.

The sidewalk disruptions will shift to the Post Office frontage along First Street beginning the first week of April as pipework starts to get laid back past Laurel toward Madrona.  There will have to be some carefully coordinated work around the delivery entrance to the rear of the Post Office as everyone knows that, regardless of which way the wind blows, ‘the mail must get through’.

In the meantime, the bridge continues apace.  The steel is being delivered and the decks will be formed up over the next two weeks now that the waterline is tied together in the channels underneath.  The bridge takes on more of its final shape with every passing day.

The drainage work on the north end by the Diesel Repair Shop is ready to stub out the 18” westward laterals next week, which may require some nightwork in the vicinity of Rosenberg’s to get them across the travel lanes. However, the good news is that, with SC Paving’s asphalt batch opening on the 30th, the pothole patching throughout the project should vastly improve.

In a last minute turn of events, a local partnership has cropped up that will lay the groundwork for the future undergrounding of electrical power in the Second Street plaza (soon to be renamed through a citywide contest).  The Tillamook Urban Renewal Agency has joined forces with the Tillamook People’s Utility District, the Tillamook Public Works Department, and Just Bucket Excavating, Inc. to ensure the installation of sufficient conduits and vaults under the Plaza that will accommodate the future pulling of all overhead wires in that area down through those tubes in order to keep the visual clutter in this community centerpiece to a minimum.

Each partner is bringing either money, materials, or labor forward in this last effort before the plaza get constructed with hard surfacing that will prevent the ability to lay these conduits for decades to come.

Our Highway Project E-news bulletin is created by Jeannell Wyntergreen, Highway 101/6 Project Liaison for the Tillamook Area Chamber of Commerce.   If you have any questions or would like to share a comment with the Chamber, contact her at hwyproject@tillamookchamber.org

March 17th Highway Project Update

When Governor Kate Brown came to town on Wednesday to view the progress of the 101/6 Highway Project, the rain provided a seamless backdrop curtain to the jackhammers and sawcutting as she listened to local businesspeople at Madaline’s Vintage Marketplace talk about their concerns.

While the bridgework is essentially tracking along its projected trajectory, in an effort to accelerate the sidewalk process that has fallen so far behind its original schedule, ODOT and its contractors have agreed to a project revision that allows them to take up two blocks of sidewalk at a time on the west side of Pacific (between 3rd and 1st) so that they can gain some work efficiencies and shorten the overall disruption time.   With this change, jackhammers and sawcutting were in full swing.

This may cause some increased discomfort in the short term for businesses such as the Blue Moon Cafe, but the hope is that it will decrease the total downtime.  As always, such times of duress are when the affected businesses need your patronage the most.

The preliminary digging along Pacific has uncovered a bunker fuel tank, which is being pumped out and removed, but, barring further unknowns, the two-block effort should allow the concrete workers to move along with pouring larger sections at a time.  The tricky timing of ensuring continuous access to businesses and residences is the next major logistic to be surmounted and the ODOT team is applying a variety of tools, such as night work, quick-fixing concrete, and temporary alternate accesses, to ensure that the all sidewalk sections come together smoothly and briskly.

In the midst of all this hubbub, you will see the excavation team jumping back and forth across the Hoquarton as they dash up to the north end next week to close up the drainage work there and then jump back down mid-week to tie the 2nd Street storm drainage into the manhole on Main Street.  This full day’s work will require traffic control that necks down southbound traffic on Main to one-lane from the bridge to just south of 2nd.

When you do get back around to watching the bridge progress, now that the spans and bearings have been set, you will see the deck being formed over the next few weeks.  You will also spot City crews who will be joining the contractor next week to assemble the new waterline across the bridge.  This will be the main that serves the entire north Hwy 101 area up to the Fred Meyer/Goodwill as well as providing a backfeed for Bay City and the Creamery through our intertie system.

The Governor left town with a picture of Tillamook, from the project to the Creamery to the Chamber of Commerce offices themselves, in the midst of a full remodel.  The promises made were that another visit in Fall 2018 would provide an entirely different picture of a community complete.

Our Highway Project E-news bulletin is created by Jeannell Wyntergreen, Highway 101/6 Project Liaison for the Tillamook Area Chamber of Commerce.   If you have any questions or would like to share a comment with the Chamber, contact her at hwyproject@tillamookchamber.org

March 17th Highway Project Update

When Governor Kate Brown came to town on Wednesday to view the progress of the 101/6 Highway Project, the rain provided a seamless backdrop curtain to the jackhammers and sawcutting as she listened to local businesspeople at Madaline’s Vintage Marketplace talk about their concerns.

While the bridgework is essentially tracking along its projected trajectory, in an effort to accelerate the sidewalk process that has fallen so far behind its original schedule, ODOT and its contractors have agreed to a project revision that allows them to take up two blocks of sidewalk at a time on the west side of Pacific (between 3rd and 1st) so that they can gain some work efficiencies and shorten the overall disruption time.   With this change, jackhammers and sawcutting were in full swing.

This may cause some increased discomfort in the short term for businesses such as the Blue Moon Cafe, but the hope is that it will decrease the total downtime.  As always, such times of duress are when the affected businesses need your patronage the most.

The preliminary digging along Pacific has uncovered a bunker fuel tank, which is being pumped out and removed, but, barring further unknowns, the two-block effort should allow the concrete workers to move along with pouring larger sections at a time.  The tricky timing of ensuring continuous access to businesses and residences is the next major logistic to be surmounted and the ODOT team is applying a variety of tools, such as night work, quick-fixing concrete, and temporary alternate accesses, to ensure that the all sidewalk sections come together smoothly and briskly.

In the midst of all this hubbub, you will see the excavation team jumping back and forth across the Hoquarton as they dash up to the north end next week to close up the drainage work there and then jump back down mid-week to tie the 2nd Street storm drainage into the manhole on Main Street.  This full day’s work will require traffic control that necks down southbound traffic on Main to one-lane from the bridge to just south of 2nd.

When you do get back around to watching the bridge progress, now that the spans and bearings have been set, you will see the deck being formed over the next few weeks.  You will also spot City crews who will be joining the contractor next week to assemble the new waterline across the bridge.  This will be the main that serves the entire north Hwy 101 area up to the Fred Meyer/Goodwill as well as providing a backfeed for Bay City and the Creamery through our intertie system.

The Governor left town with a picture of Tillamook, from the project to the Creamery to the Chamber of Commerce offices themselves, in the midst of a full remodel.  The promises made were that another visit in Fall 2018 would provide an entirely different picture of a community complete.

Our Highway Project E-news bulletin is created by Jeannell Wyntergreen, Highway 101/6 Project Liaison for the Tillamook Area Chamber of Commerce.   If you have any questions or would like to share a comment with the Chamber, contact her at hwyproject@tillamookchamber.org

March 8th Highway Project Update

The time is fast approaching for us all to cross the bridge to our Rendezvous.

As of Friday of this week, the long-lingering sidewalk construction on Pacific Avenue between 4th and 3rd Streets by Wells Fargo Bank and Homelife Furniture, which has suffered through several technical re-do’s and tenting to allow for flatwork in the rain, will be stripped of forms, coned off where there’s any trip hazards, and opened up to foot traffic.  Then, starting Friday morning, the next stretch of sidewalk from 3rd to 2nd will be torn up.

Which means that the Rendezvous, with its two mid-block doors (and no rear access), will only be available to customers that cross a bridge.  Remember that, with this project, when sidewalk demolition occurs, a pedestrian access to each business and residence must be kept open at all times.  This will include the Tillamook Apartments as well.

After demolition, and after conduits, drainage, and curbs are laid out, the sidewalks on that block will be poured in such a way as to extend past one of the Rendezvous’ two doors (the one without the bridge).  Then the bridge will be moved over the curing sidewalk to the second entrance and the next stretch of the sidewalk will be poured past the initial entrance.  At all times, patrons of the Rendezvous will have the best view in town of the ongoing construction, so please make sure that you don’t miss out on this great opportunity.

As to the other, bigger, but less integrated into daily community life, bridge, on Wednesday we should witness the setting of the first girder span, with two more being placed and the big bearings seated three on each end by the end of next week.  It won’t be too much longer until the bridge deck begins to be formed.

Along the other arms of the project, the drainage work is within 100 feet of its limits on the north end by the Diesel Repair Shop and should complete that last extension and stub out the westward laterals in the next two days so that they can jump off that task and do the Pacific Avenue demo.  Similarly, the electrical work will be adding the junction boxes in the new tree wells in the Second Street Plaza and laying the conduits from 3rd to 2nd in the next week so that they can jump over to begin the work in Goodspeed Park.

ODOT and Oregon State Bridge Construction are still negotiating ideas on how to accelerate the speed of the sidewalk construction.  While they have a concept that appears to be workable at this time, they are still officially paced to work on one blockface at a time.  Hopefully, that will change soon and the project will take off in a flurry of activity so that the Pacific Avenue sidewalks are back open and humming with pedestrians frequenting their favorite businesses again.

But let’s cross that bridge when we come to it.

Our Highway Project E-news bulletin is created by Jeannell Wyntergreen, Highway 101/6 Project Liaison for the Tillamook Area Chamber of Commerce.   If you have any questions or would like to share a comment with the Chamber, contact her at hwyproject@tillamookchamber.org

March 3 Hwy Project Update

With all of the big crane work underway, and the focus of activity being trained on the Hoquarton Bridge and its surrounds, watching the big bridge puzzle pieces, along with the lesser, more functional components such as the waterlines, get assembled in slow motion, an observer can easily fail to notice that there are flashes of other construction hotspots popping up around the community as well.

Everything is gearing up for the multi-textured and colored concrete pours on Second Street between Main and Pacific.  The treewells are being laid out with electrical junction boxes included so that the community can host events in the new festival plaza that is being created with power available for sound, lighting, and possibly even food carts or other specialties.  An informational kiosk is targeted to land in front of the electrical meterbank on the northeast corner of 2nd and Main and there is a jut-out being formed on the southeast corner of 2nd and Main that will be plumbed for a future fountain.  A covered bikerack will be located on the southwest corner of 2nd and Pacific.

Currently, this future plaza does not have a formal name, but the City’s Beautification Committee is meeting on Monday, March 13 at 4:45 PM to discuss ideas on what to name this plaza, so if you have ideas, please submit them to City Hall in writing before the time of that meeting.  The name, whatever it turns out to be, is going to help set the tone for the future of the downtown and have a legacy that carries forward for decades and so your ideas are encouraged.

Over east, the Oregon Coast Scenic Railroad has completed their review of the plans for the upcoming Port railroad bridge reconfiguration and has signed off on a bicycle/pedestrian bridge that parallels the track that they lease.  The City is excited about this potential future partnership that will eventually tie together at a rail platform in Goodspeed Park next to the Skatepark.  The hope is that someday visitors can get on and off a train there, grab a bus or launch off down the path to the waterfront area for some nature exploring or stopping in at our local downtown attractions.  Or if they are truly adventurous, throw down a skateboard and go sailing.

As to the slow sidewalk improvements along Pacific, ODOT and the contractor are currently investigating options to expedite their construction to ensure completion by Memorial Day.  This will require some alteration of the original projection of one month per blockface.  Both the Chamber and City are pressing for a more aggressive schedule that will meet that original target.

Our Highway Project E-news bulletin is created by Jeannell Wyntergreen, Highway 101/6 Project Liaison for the Tillamook Area Chamber of Commerce.   If you have any questions or would like to share a comment with the Chamber, contact her at hwyproject@tillamookchamber.org

February 23, 2017 Hwy Update

Now that all of the big girders for spanning the Hoquarton have arrived and are stacked alongside the roadway, the next gigantic arrival will be an enormous crane pulling into town this weekend to be on hand for setting the large pre-cast support caps during the negative tides Monday and Tuesday of next week.

The girders themselves are anticipated to be set the week following, along with the 800 pound bridge bearings that were just delivered to the site.  The bridge will begin to shape over the next month as all of these pieces are assembled.

Also in March, there will be fresh activity popping up at the far eastern end of the project around Goodspeed Park as foundations and trenching for electrical along the new bicycle/pedestrian trail gets underway.  This will be coupled with next week’s forming of the interior bays and overhang on the pedestrian walkway over the Port’s Highway 6 railroad bridge.

Eventually this pathway system will tie back to the Hoquarton Landing park area by the 101 bridge.  The pathway, using a traffic island, will cross the highway to the Sue H. Elmore Park, which will be renovated this summer.  From there, the City’s long-range plans are to continue the path westward using a ‘boardwalk’ system that brings pedestrians through the City’s historic birthplace to additional kayak launch points and then ties into a walking circuit around the Adventist Health complex.

As to other walk areas, the sidewalk pattern for the downtown has been perfected and approved for the trial segment by the side of Homelife Furniture.  The paver slab pour that accompanies it is tentatively scheduled for next week.  Assuming all goes well, this should enable the balance of the sidewalk construction to proceed forthwith from this point on.

However, after all the delays and with the original projection of one month per blockface, there are scheduling concerns about wrapping up all the sidewalk work by Memorial Day.  The Chamber and City are pressing for a more aggressive schedule that will meet that original target.  We will keep you posted.

Mid February 2017 Hwy Update

Logs trucks move over; the bridge is arriving.
Starting tomorrow, Friday the 17th, and repeating next Monday & Wednesday, trucks bearing the long bridge beams will be coming to town.  Expect short delays as flag cars stop 101traffic while the trucks make the difficult turns into the work site to deliver the big sticks.
This is all gearing up so that Oregon State Bridge Construction can set the first span on March 7th.  Meanwhile the rest of the bridgework is continuing forward now that the Oregon Transportation Commission approved a Bridge Bent Cap redesign today.   This will replace the original cast-in-place components, poured inside a falsework cofferdam in the middle of the Hoquarton, with a pre-cast bent cap approach that forms up and pours the bridge supports off-site and trucks them in to avoid the trials and tribulations that this year’s heavy storm flows and high tides have brought to bear.
Of course, that means additional long-bed trucks bringing in large pre-cast components for off-loading in the future, with all of the attendant short-term traffic delays, but it carries the added benefit of keeping the overall project on schedule.
As to the overall project, it also received a significant structural support today with the Oregon Transportation Commission approving the needed additional funding to cover the budget shortfalls.  This approval carries the added benefit of keeping the entire project viable so that it can be completed as promised to the Tillamook community.
Meanwhile, the other aspects of the project take two steps forward and then one step back as 90 feet of sidewalk was poured on Pacific Avenue and then had to be torn out as it didn’t have the pre-approved scoring pattern on it that will be matched throughout the downtown.  While 90 feet sounds like a lot, the mistake was fortunately caught right away because it will set the tone for the look of the town center with over 2,000 feet of new sidewalks in the area from First to Fourth and Main to Pacific.
Hopefully, the project has crested the difficult haul upslope over the learning curve issues and the downslope run can now cut loose with new improvements being realized every month.

February 3, 2017 Hwy Update

This week the activity has visibly picked up on the Pacific Avenue sidewalk alongside Homelife Furniture and Wells Fargo, in addition to the demolition work on Second Street, and, with the Highway Project now returning to full swing after the holidays, we are now returning to regular bulletin releases again.

We will likely be seeing significant grading, forming, and pouring of the curbs, sidewalks, and ADA ramps occurring in the next few weeks.  Driveways will be poured one half at a time in order to keep access open.  Where sidewalk demolition occurs, a pedestrian access to each business will be kept open at all times.  While this may cause some inconvenience, such as even having customers go around the block to get to the door in some cases, your favorite businesses will always be available to you.

Ahead of the sidewalk construction will be the electrical work drilling in and forming up the lightpole foundations and pouring the vaults for the signal control cabinets.

At the bridge, the foundational support work continues on the east half of the new bridge as the cages are being formed up, and then the individual columns poured and stripped.

The New Year’s work is picking up momentum and, in contrast to last Fall’s seeming lack of forward motion, progress should be more visible now as more surface work commences.  The changes in the streetscape can now be witnessed as the shapes change from day-to-day.

You too can help to change the shape of the downtown.  While the new home of the Chamber of Commerce at 208 Main Avenue (the old Bell’s Office Supply storefront) is in the process of being remodeled to fit its new purposes, it is currently hosting an open house display of ideas for “wayfinding signage” in Tillamook.  This project for the City focuses on a series of guidance signs, for pedestrians and automobiles, that point the way to local attractions.

Exactly where such signs should be placed and what they should say requires your input, because who knows the community better than you?  So please, find your way to the new Chamber office up until February 9th to check out the project information and leave your suggestions.  Your input will be used to develop a signage plan that should be laid out and constructed to coincide with the end of the Highway project in 2018; another part of our ‘total downtown makeover’.   If you have any questions regarding the project, call Sierra at (503) 842-7525 or email her at Sierra@tillamookchamber.org.

January 23, 2017 Hwy Update

Welcome to the New Year.  It is our fervent hope that 2017 brings a brisk pace to the construction now that many of the roadblocks that stalled progress last year have been cleared away and resolved.  We know that the businesses would love to see it move along and produce the benefits that will make the pain worthwhile.

Many were happy to see that, at last, after the breakdown of a critical piece of equipment during the holidays; the sidewalk work on Pacific Avenue got underway today as the electrical contractors were out there in the cold drilling holes for the lamppost foundations.

With the drilling now done, the rebar formation and conduits will follow behind shortly, to be poured in the next week and joined by the storm drainage and curb & gutter.  This will be followed by additional electrical work drilling and pouring the foundations for the new traffic signals.

If the good, but cold, weather holds through Friday, you may also see work on the storm drain piping down by the Hoquarton coming up the hill again.  Once done, this will free up another logjam, enabling various other pieces of the project near the new bridge to go forward.

On a more personal note for those of you who have been bouncing your tires off that plate on the corner of Pacific and First, that creeping sinkhole that has emerged out of the north and south ends on the plate will be filled in with heated patch material this week in the hopes of stopping the sinkhole.

Finally, the contractor will be putting down additional roadway markings over the next week in the interest of keeping the traffic patterns distinct and improving the travel lanes obvious at night.

We hope that we are all building a road to a Happy New Year!

November 1st Highway Bulletin

Our last bulletin was focused primarily on the major traffic reconfiguration that was implemented a couple of weeks ago.

While some guidance improvements have been made since that time, such as the application of arrows on the new lanes indicating which path to follow for various turns, there are still bugs being worked out.

Another major clarification will be the painting of lane striping on First at the intersections with Main and Pacific, along with the striping of the lanes over the old bridge.

These couldn’t be done until there was a window of dry weather and so now the contractor finally has an opening and has scheduled it for Thursday and Friday of this week.  During this painting operation, the bridge will again be reduced to one lane with flaggers.

The next major element in the construction will be the pulling of the old wooden pilings and setting three new casings for the east half of the replacement bridge commencing tomorrow.  Setting each casing will require 16-to-18 hour days starting at low tide with a couple of days between for curing and preparation of the next one.  So with one being set every third day, these should be complete by next week this time.

In the meantime, the old storm drain outfall for the downtown will be installed next Monday with the old outfall being pulled shortly thereafter, and work will continue on the Pacific Avenue sidewalk area next to Homelife Furniture.

There have been several inquiries regarding the USPS Box next to the Courthouse that had to be removed as part of the traffic reconfiguration.  While it was initially believed that this could be replaced in the next year when the traffic shifts to the other side of the street, it has been discovered that even after the project is entirely completed, that box will not be able to go back in that same location due to the final lane alignment being too close to the curb.  Alternative permanent locations are being sought.

Urgent Traffic Update

Due to the large number of concerns received, this interim bulletin is being sent out to try to explain some of the ramifications of the recent midweek traffic reconfiguration.  As with any major change, it takes awhile to:

  1. work out all of the bugs, and
  2. get accustomed to it.

The new signage and signals have caused a fair amount of confusion with vehicles running the new red light on First and Main as some westbound vehicles turn north round the corner where there used to be a free right.  Traffic that is familiar with the intersection is trying to continue to use First Street between Pacific & Main heading west as a 3-lane as prior to construction.  There are now 2 lanes there: 1 right turn only lane and 1 straight through w/left turn arrow.  Drivers also can be frustrated by the lack of free movement as they wait for non-turning traffic in the wrong lane to clear the intersection.

There have been a couple of signage changes attempted to try to clarify this and once striping is in place (OSBC is waiting for a dry day before painting) that may make traffic patterns more apparent.  There are still some issues with the existing signs on the sign bridge, which may lead a driver to believe there are 3 lanes, but those are being examined with ODOT now.

The intersection of First and 101 is just one example from all of the temporary changes that have been put in place; issues such as installing a “No Left Turn” symbol on Main & Front St. on northbound 101 have been remedied, and others are in process.   Working out the turning requirements for business accesses may take some additional fine tuning.

There is still the frustration that comes from the fact that all of changes were put into place within a very short time period as part of an overall project package so that drivers see a variety of new barriers with no construction nearby.  There is a cost effectiveness to doing it this way, but it also appears to constrict certain businesses more than others.

The good thing is, as painful as this process may be, the next major reconfiguration won’t occur until around Memorial Day as the project reshapes itself for the 2017 summer traffic.

October 19th Highway Bulletin

While there was some frustration last week with all of the lane reconfigurations getting established in the downtown, and then the storm hitting right after set-up so that no work could proceed (you will probably see some drums replacing the cones and candlesticks that were blown away or run over), the project is getting back on course this week and ramping up.  The old intersection traffic signals are coming down and the temporaries are switching on.  This critical preparation piece has been slowing the pace of project construction as a necessary step that must precede the drainage and sidewalk work on Pacific Avenue.

Specifically, tomorrow at 8am they are going to  turn on the signal at 3rd and Pacific, then do the signal at 1st and Main starting at 7pm tomorrow night.  They will have 6 flaggers set up for that signal and striping change tomorrow night.

The next lane reconfigurations will be converting 101 immediately north of the Hoquarton into one lane each direction, going into effect tomorrow, the sawcutting and sidewalk removal work along the westside of Pacific Avenue between 4th and 3rd should also start on Thursday.  This work will continue for about a month before moving north to the block between 3rd and 2nd.

After that second block of work concludes, roughly another month later, the reconstruction of 2nd Street between Main and Pacific into a pedestrian plaza should begin.  While projected to consume approximately three months by itself, this construction element will be used as a staging area for equipment and materials inventory that supports the sidewalk work on Pacific.  Therefore, the full closure of this street may continue to the end of May.

In order to help alleviate some of the impacts on the businesses downtown, the City Council adopted the Temporary Parking Plan this past Monday night.  It has opened up some of the nearby reserved parking areas to the public and placed additional loading areas around the downtown so that businesses can get their deliveries as needed.  We encourage all of you, and your friends and neighbors, to go out of your way to patronize those downtown businesses for the next two construction years so that they can remain viable.

Many people have also expressed concerns about the removal of trees along Pacific.  Again, this is preparatory to all of the sidewalk reconstruction that is about to take place and there is a full plan for replanting the entire affected avenue once that work is completed.  Once established, these replantings will present a coordinated well-colored corridor as you head north through town.

On a side note, a non-highway sewerline project that has just started on the west end of town may also have some traffic impacts in the next month or two as it works its way up Cedar to First Street and ends at the intersection with Stillwell.   As an open cut trench near the middle of a truck route, there will likely be some delays and rerouting involved.  As traffic control plans are developed and released, we will keep you posted.


In a last minute change of plans, the scheduled closure of Second Street was moved forward from October 18th to closure today, Wednesday October 12th. Materials and equipment are anticipated to start moving into the block today with the actual removal of the asphalt and other surfaces still a week or more away. The Chamber and City were informed of this change late yesterday; 911 and the School District have been notified. The contractors have gone door-to-door with the businesses on that street to let them know.

Highway traffic will also be placed in its full configuration for Stage 1 on Pacific, 3rd, and 4th Streets at the same time.

The Street will remain closed until it’s complete (approximately 90 days). The project will completely renovate the portion of 2nd between Main and Pacific into a ‘Festival Street’ or pedestrian plaza that will provide a level area for dances or other community events to take place. During times when this block is not shut down for such activities, the traffic will flow from Pacific westbound in a one-lane one-way configuration all the way down to Fir Avenue. The block will also have diagonal parking along its south-side when it is open for traffic.

October 5th Highway Bulletin

The downtown construction has been getting higher profile these past weeks as the temporary signalization has increased in intensity, along with Tillamook Public Utility District’s work on taking down trees and moving power poles.  This may involve some nightwork during the week of October 10th.

This is all in preparation for the sawcutting and drainage work along Pacific Avenue that is currently scheduled to begin the week of October 17th.  Sidewalk removal should follow shortly behind that.

All this while the drainage and bridgework continues on the northside of the Hoquarton.  Shafts are being drilled, rebar tied, and sheet pilings installed on the north bank, at the same time that lightweight concrete known as cellcrete will be formed and bermed as a supportive base for each end of the new bridge.
October 18th will see the contractor closing down 2nd Street between Main and Pacific and mobilizing in equipment and inventory.  The full tear-out of the street is scheduled to commence the first week of November and continue for approximately three months.

In the meantime, the Temporary Parking Plan for the next two construction years is undergoing some minor refinements and is scheduled for final adoption on October 17th; however, the on-street striping is already underway and is being applied as weather permits.

The directional signage that will accompany this is being prepared as a cooperative effort between the Chamber and the Police Department and, once laid out, will move through the permit process so that our Christmas visitors can easily locate parking.  The Chamber has also recently hired a new Downtown Development Director, Sierra Lauder, who will be helping to promote the parking and business opportunities that will be available during the construction period.

September 26th Highway Bulletin

Temporary Parking Plan

The Chamber’s presentation to the City Council regarding the Temporary Parking Plan for the next two construction years was very productive.  The draft was reshaped from some 20 possible policy and implementation action items down to 15 that are both cost efficient and doable.   Most measures were adopted that night for immediate implementation while some will require additional Council resolutions to change previous policies.

The overall plan is depicted in this link Temporary Parking Plan which shows where new on-street parking will be developed and additional inventories of off-street parking will be made available.  The next step is securing locations for additional directional signage to ensure that the traveling public passing through the project can find places to stop and patronize our downtown businesses.

The Chamber will be developing various informational products to advertise the parking opportunities that will be available during the construction period.  One outlet is this bulletin, but there will be multiple additional digital and on-street outreach efforts to make our available parking easily obvious to our customers.

Again the biggest news this week is not about changes in the contractors’ schedule, which is holding steady with the downtown signalization, the digout around the former Mar Claire area, and the in-water Hoquarton work, but rather about a couple of sideboard stories.

There may be those of you who are wondering about the Hoquarton Park sculpture.  As we have been informing folks at all of our public workshops, that sculpture was intended to remain in place and be integrated into the resulting post-project aesthetic Park landscaping.  However, as storm drainage work was underway in the Hoquarton Landing area, the drainage plan sheets did not clearly indicate protection of the sculpture and it was pulled out, fortunately intact, to allow the storm drain pipes to be placed.

The contractor and ODOT are now developing concepts for replacing the sculpture, whether in the near–term or near the end of the project.   ODOT has promised that one way or another, the sculpture will rise again.

September 17th Highway Bulletin

As the contractor continues with installation of temporary signals and other preparatory efforts, we are beginning to see more excavation and drainage work starting to occur, along with the removal of the old bridge supports and installation of the temporary work bridge.  The one lane closures have been intermittent and brought about by a combination of the contractor’s intersection signalization and City’s Waterline work.  This week’s three week look-ahead from the contractor didn’t have too many major changes other than the fact that the closure of the Second Street Plaza has been bumped to the first week of October.

The Chamber itself has introduced a bit of news with the presentation of a Temporary Parking Plan for the next two construction years to the City Council on Monday.  The draft contains some 20 policy and implementation action items that should add at least 44 parking spaces to the City’s inventory to make up for those lost during construction.  Once adopted, the various measures will be put into place immediately.

Perhaps the biggest breaking news, however, is the fact that the ODOT and the owners of the Shell Station at First and Main have reached an agreement that will close down the station as of the end of September and decommission the fuel tanks by mid-October, according to Mike Sheldon of Sheldon Oil.  The details of the agreement have not been ‘inked’ as of yet, and the decision making process as to what to do with the property has not yet begun, so this news item has a great deal of unknown ramifications that will be unfolding in the near future.

September 7th Bulletin

Now that Labor Day has come and gone, the City of Tillamook is finally fully involved in the US 101/OR 6 Highway Intersection Project.  The reader board signs are up, the warnings about night work have been circulated, and the men in orange vests and hard hats are cropping up everywhere.  It is time for this bulletin to go weekly.

Every Tuesday, except for delays during holidays, we will be receiving the contractor’s schedule revisions with all of their proposed activities for the following three weeks.

Today’s three week look-ahead revealed that the night work warnings would not be going into effect right away, but that there will be daytime lane restrictions on Pacific Avenue between 8 AM and 4 PM instead.  It is anticipated that Pacific Avenue will be restricted to one lane of traffic from 4th to 1st Street for the foreseeable future as drilling for temporary signalization poles, preliminary drainage, and other preparatory work commences.  This may cause some traffic queuing, particularly in the afternoons.  The 911 Center has been alerted to this change and emergency adjustments will be made.

The balance of the three-week schedule is focused on tasks in the new bridge area with clearing and grubbing, removal of old non-functioning bridge structures and contaminated soils, and installation of a new work bridge.

The big heads up for the downtown businesses is that the full closure of Second Street between Main and Pacific is scheduled to start on September 26th, the same time that sidewalk demo work on the westside of Pacific Avenue from 4th to 3rd will commence.  The full closure will allow for the total demolition of Second Street and its sidewalks.  While vehicles will be prohibited, one access point for pedestrians will be maintained for Second Street businesses which do not have an alternative access off of another street.

The closure is anticipated to remain in place for over 90 days as the street is rebuilt into a Plaza that allows for downtown events and activities to occur on a leveled curb-free, danceable surface which can be closed off and accommodate performance stages and features such a fountains in the near future.

Hang in there and standby for a little turbulence as we ascend to our construction attitude.

Work to Begin After Labor Day

The ‘Meet The Contractor’ event last Tuesday was a great launch point for the 33 million dollar Highway 101/6 Project with business owners taking the opportunity to rub elbows with the friendly folks from Oregon State Bridge Construction (OSBC) and ask some direct questions while grabbing a free Pelican Pub/Creamery Association rootbeer float at the same time.

One of the critical announcements at that event was OSBC’s unveiling of their two-year construction schedule, which is presented in a simplified form on the following pages for your review as to how it might affect your operations.  Please remember that the dates are approximate and may change with circumstances.  We will be receiving a three-week ‘look-ahead’ schedule at the regular construction meetings and will try to keep you posted on key changes as the project proceeds.  Click here for Hwy 101/6 Schedule.

A much-discussed topic was maintenance of access to the businesses.  It was highlighted that, throughout the project, sustaining two lanes of traffic on both Main and Pacific is a key goal.  There may be temporary lane closures, but there will not be a bypass around the downtown.  The couplets will flow, but, as noted on the schedule, parking on Main or Pacific may be removed for extended periods of time.  Some side streets, such as Second Avenue where the new plaza is being built, may face extended closure while they are being reconstructed.

There is also a contractual requirement that ADA-compliant pedestrian routes be maintained through the downtown.  The exact configurations of those routings remain to be determined, but, again, as such information is produced, we will strive to get the word out to you as soon as possible.

In summary the project schedule has been developed in response to commitments made to the City and business community. These include:

  •  Avoiding construction that impacts traffic in the downtown couplet area during the summer months.
  •  When working in the downtown area, the contractor is limited to replacing the sidewalk on one    side of the roadway at a time within a city block.
  •  Access must be provided to one corner of a city block at all times.
  •  Access to business doorways must be maintained.

Another recent OSBC announcement was that nightwork will begin on Tuesday the 6th at the intersections of First Street with Main & Pacific.  This will continue into the next week with intersection work on Third and Pacific.  The nightwork is to prepare for the new signal light installations and may involve such noise-producing activities as concrete-cutting, drilling, and back-up beepers, in addition to bright lighting.

Hwy 101/6 Project Update

Highway 101/6 Project Information

Thank you to everyone who showed up last week for the “Meet the Contractor’ event. It was a great launching point for the 33 million dollar Highway 101/6 Project, and gave business owners the opportunity to rub elbows with the friendly folks from Oregon State Bridge Construction (OSBC) and ask some direct questions – all while grabbing a complimentary rootbeer float courtesy of Pelican Brewing Co. and the Tillamook County Creamery Association.

During the event, OSBC unveiled their two-year construction schedule. While the dates are approximate and may change under circumstances, we will be receiving a three-week ‘look-ahead’ schedule at the regular construction meetings and will keep you posted on key changes as the project proceeds.

A much-discussed topic was access to businesses during construction. It was highlighted that, throughout the project, sustaining two lanes of traffic on both Main and Pacific is a key goal. There may be temporary lane closures, but there will not be a bypass around the downtown. The couplets will flow, although parking on Main or Pacific may be removed for extended periods of time. Some side streets, such as Second Avenue where the new plaza is being built, may face extended closure while it is being reconstructed.

There is also a contractual requirement that ADA-compliant pedestrian routes be maintained through downtown. While the exact configurations of those routings remain to be determined, we will let you know as soon as possible.

In summary, the project schedule was developed in response to commitments made both to the city and business community. These include:

  • Avoiding construction that impacts traffic in the downtown couplet area during the summer months
  • When working in the downtown area, the contractor is limited to replacing the sidewalk on one side of the roadway at a time within a city block
  • Access must be provided to one corner of a city block at all times.
  • Access to business doorways must be maintained.

OSBC also recently announced that nightwork has begun at the intersections of First Street with Main and Pacific. This will continue into the next week with intersection work on Third and Pacific. The nightwork is to prepare for the new signal light installations and may involve concrete-cutting, drilling, and back-up beepers, in addition to bright lighting. It might get loud, so have patience because it will be short lived.