January 23, 2017 Hwy Update

Welcome to the New Year.  It is our fervent hope that 2017 brings a brisk pace to the construction now that many of the roadblocks that stalled progress last year have been cleared away and resolved.  We know that the businesses would love to see it move along and produce the benefits that will make the pain worthwhile.

Many were happy to see that, at last, after the breakdown of a critical piece of equipment during the holidays; the sidewalk work on Pacific Avenue got underway today as the electrical contractors were out there in the cold drilling holes for the lamppost foundations.

With the drilling now done, the rebar formation and conduits will follow behind shortly, to be poured in the next week and joined by the storm drainage and curb & gutter.  This will be followed by additional electrical work drilling and pouring the foundations for the new traffic signals.

If the good, but cold, weather holds through Friday, you may also see work on the storm drain piping down by the Hoquarton coming up the hill again.  Once done, this will free up another logjam, enabling various other pieces of the project near the new bridge to go forward.

On a more personal note for those of you who have been bouncing your tires off that plate on the corner of Pacific and First, that creeping sinkhole that has emerged out of the north and south ends on the plate will be filled in with heated patch material this week in the hopes of stopping the sinkhole.

Finally, the contractor will be putting down additional roadway markings over the next week in the interest of keeping the traffic patterns distinct and improving the travel lanes obvious at night.

We hope that we are all building a road to a Happy New Year!