Hwy 101/6 Project Update: ‘Fairly’ Smooth Sailing Downtown

Project focus continues to be in the downtown corridor, on Main between First and Third. The bioswales on Main just north of Second Street and on Third just east of Main are both in the excavation stage and have water line and drainage work that is underway prior to finalizing the depth and grading that will form the base of the concrete work.
While those plumbing processes take place, excavation efforts will move on Monday to the northern half of the block between Third and Fourth, stretching from the corner where the bioswale is under construction to the center of the Coliseum Theater, so movie-goers will have continuous access to the theater through the southern door (normally the exit door) while the north half of the block is rebuilt.
As you head to the Fairgrounds this week, you may also notice the liners being installed in the completed bioswales around the project, as well as the installation of the decorative black railing. Coordination for the change to the permanent signal at the intersection of First and Main is underway, and the target date for that switch is Monday night, which will mean flagging through the intersection after 7pm.
Emails may become more sporadic at this point, as the project narrows to the final stages and the weekly construction meetings transition to an every-other-week schedule. If you have any questions in between emails, feel free to reach out any time. It is, of course, Tillamook County Fair week, which assures heavy traffic and many folks who are likely trying out the new traffic patterns for the first time. I will again encourage you to find room in your car for extra patience.