July 20 Highway 101/6 Project Update

Greetings All,

Each week, the entire Highway Project Team of engineers and contractors gathers to review a three week look-ahead schedule, which allows them to brainstorm how to mobilize specialists into different areas of the project with a kind of choreography that only a community that hosts three dance studios can truly appreciate.

All this coordination is further complicated by things like weather, state and federal regulations, fabrication of project elements, and possibly the biggest tourist event of the decade: the solar eclipse. ODOT has been tuning in to the extensive planning efforts around the state, and the decision was made to halt all construction during the height of the anticipated frenzy on August 21st and 22nd, giving folks an opportunity to clear out of town a bit prior to moving in to what all parties hope will be the paving cycle on Pacific. More information about the paving schedule will be available as we come closer, but we can anticipate single lane closures, night paving and a few short days of detouring.

On the immediate horizon, the (intentional) demolition of the wall adjacent to the Post Office will take place Thursday. Out of respect to their delivery schedule, special arrangements have been made to have a contractor onsite on Sunday to trench and lay drainpipe through the Post Office parking lot. Paving repair will take place overnight next Thursday, July 27th, in tandem with the paving of the new stretch of Pacific that goes from First St. to the bridge, and the removal of the sign bridge. Expect flagging along with night work on the 27th.

I have inserted below a photo of the map that hangs on the wall above the table where the weekly meetings take place. You can see some of the code language I referred to last week in the image. This week, I thought it might be a nice visual aid. Thank you for your ongoing interest in this project, and I look forward to sharing some before and after pictures next week!!