In a last minute change of plans, the scheduled closure of Second Street was moved forward from October 18th to closure today, Wednesday October 12th. Materials and equipment are anticipated to start moving into the block today with the actual removal of the asphalt and other surfaces still a week or more away. The Chamber and City were informed of this change late yesterday; 911 and the School District have been notified. The contractors have gone door-to-door with the businesses on that street to let them know.

Highway traffic will also be placed in its full configuration for Stage 1 on Pacific, 3rd, and 4th Streets at the same time.

The Street will remain closed until it’s complete (approximately 90 days). The project will completely renovate the portion of 2nd between Main and Pacific into a ‘Festival Street’ or pedestrian plaza that will provide a level area for dances or other community events to take place. During times when this block is not shut down for such activities, the traffic will flow from Pacific westbound in a one-lane one-way configuration all the way down to Fir Avenue. The block will also have diagonal parking along its south-side when it is open for traffic.