Hwy 101/6 Project Update: Sidewalks for days

On Tuesday, the curb and gutter from Second to Third Streets was poured, and the sidewalk in front of the Dutch Mill and Anderson’s Florist is scheduled to be poured Friday. If everything goes to plan it will open to foot traffic on Monday, however in the meantime you can access the Dutch Mill and Kitty’s Bar & Grill through their rear entrance, and Anderson’s has an entrance on Second Street.

As soon as the Anderson Florists corner is poured and opened, crews will get to work demoing the corner in front of Fat Dog Pizza.  After demo comes the work to form and pour that corner as quickly as possible – hopefully by the week of August 6th. However, they also have to build a water quality pond on that corner as well, so sidewalk pouring could get pushed back another week. There will be temporary planking along this block to allow access to Fat Dog Pizza and Vapor Voodoo.

By Wednesday, the Hoquarton Park will be completely paved as well as the pathway from the park to the HWY 6 pedestrian bridge. The  pedestrian bridge still needs to be paved to connect to Goodspeed Park. The Hoquarton Park will remain closed for now so the trail is not yet to the public, but it’s fun to think of how close we are!

There will be flagging at First and Main starting on Monday, June 30th at 7 p.m. to switch from the temporary signals to the permanent signals.