April 19th Highway Project Update

In an effort to catch up with the schedule, the project crews have been working six-tens in most locations.  Westwind, the concrete flatwork subcontractors, will be jamming on the sidewalks with the Rendezvous on track to be completed by this Friday and the ramps by the Phoenix Exchange set to go next Monday, and then on to the sidewalks between Second & First Streets by the end of next week.  Not long after, a concrete crew will be peeling off to start the sidewalks on the north side of the project by the Diesel Repair Shop.  Meanwhile, the concrete stamping work in the Second Street Plaza will be ongoing as weather allows.

There have been the usual surprises with fuel tanks under the sidewalks by the Blue Moon and phone poles without adequate bracing, but each headscratcher is dispensed with as it arises, and the crews shift to work around the problem.

The electrical team is pushing right along with the sidewalk crews, setting the last pole foundation up by the Rodeo by Wednesday next week and then jumping onto the bridge to run electrical for the lighting on the east side.

If you want to see a “Guppy” in action, one is moving in this week on the north side of the bridge to start pouring lightweight concrete off the ends of the bridge.  Once the sewer lines are installed on the south side, the “Guppy” will switch over to start pouring lightweight on that end in a couple of weeks.

Another set of nightwork events will occur on 101 next Monday and Tuesday nights in order to reset barrier pins.

On the bridge itself, while the deck is curing, wingwalls are being poured and next week will see the east side water overlook being formed up.  When the project is done, there will be a cantilevered overlook on each side of the bridge for viewing up and down the Hoquarton, hopefully creating an inviting showpiece in the heart of the community.

With all of this preparatory work coming together, we should finally be able to see the new streetscape take shape in three weeks from now as pavers go down, tree grates are installed, along with decorative fences around the new streetside planters.

Hopefully, as the sun comes out more often, all of this effort should reveal some substantial visible progress like a rainbow at the end of a storm.

Our Highway Project E-news bulletin is created by Jeannell Wyntergreen, Highway 101/6 Project Liaison for the Tillamook Area Chamber of Commerce.   If you have any questions or would like to share a comment with the Chamber, contact her at