October 5th Highway Bulletin

The downtown construction has been getting higher profile these past weeks as the temporary signalization has increased in intensity, along with Tillamook Public Utility District’s work on taking down trees and moving power poles.  This may involve some nightwork during the week of October 10th.

This is all in preparation for the sawcutting and drainage work along Pacific Avenue that is currently scheduled to begin the week of October 17th.  Sidewalk removal should follow shortly behind that.

All this while the drainage and bridgework continues on the northside of the Hoquarton.  Shafts are being drilled, rebar tied, and sheet pilings installed on the north bank, at the same time that lightweight concrete known as cellcrete will be formed and bermed as a supportive base for each end of the new bridge.
October 18th will see the contractor closing down 2nd Street between Main and Pacific and mobilizing in equipment and inventory.  The full tear-out of the street is scheduled to commence the first week of November and continue for approximately three months.

In the meantime, the Temporary Parking Plan for the next two construction years is undergoing some minor refinements and is scheduled for final adoption on October 17th; however, the on-street striping is already underway and is being applied as weather permits.

The directional signage that will accompany this is being prepared as a cooperative effort between the Chamber and the Police Department and, once laid out, will move through the permit process so that our Christmas visitors can easily locate parking.  The Chamber has also recently hired a new Downtown Development Director, Sierra Lauder, who will be helping to promote the parking and business opportunities that will be available during the construction period.