May 31st Hwy Project Update

The bridge switch went off without a hitch, West First Street is paved and smooth, and the Memorial Day traffic load of tourists did their usual clog-up but nothing more, the project focus, other than some forming of bridge rails, is back to Pacific Avenue.

The sidewalk demolition work has cleared the way so that tonight will launch a couple of weeks of nightwork in the downtown area in order to minimize the traffic impacts of cutting in the utility crossings, manholes, storm drain inlets and beehives on the east side of the road.  The heavy equipment required for this work will take up one of the travel lanes for maneuvering and so northbound traffic will be restricted to one lane on the left.

Ear plugs have deposited at key residential locations downtown in recognition of the impending disturbance.

On the west side of the street, next week will see Northwest Liners arriving to line all of the deep holes along the new sidewalks that are meant to catch storm water run-off.  After lining, these will be filled with soil, and eventually plants, to filter the water before it runs into the Hoquarton and Bay.

There will also be a Water Quality vault installed this week in the area immediately downslope of the former Shell Station as the contractors prepare the ground for the south approach to the bridge which will connect the bridge with the north end of Pacific, thereby bringing the final highway configuration into reality.  The tentative date for getting this paving work done, along with the paving of the new City street alongside it, which will be named Hoquarton Landing, is currently targeted for July 12th.  Once this Pacific Avenue extension is in place, the area around the former station will become Shell Island and will be difficult to work in.

Last but not least, the multi-textured festival plaza work is wrapping up with a crosswalk tie-in being poured on the Main Street end and plywood being placed over the tree wells so that nobody trips on them during the Cork’n Brew festivities on Friday, June 16th.

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