Hwy 101/6 Project Update: Final Update of 2017

There has not been a lot of news lately to report- which is truly a sign of fairly smooth sailing. The heating oil tanks that were discovered along Main have been sampled and by the end of today they should both be completely drained out. Samples have been taken from the surrounding soil, and as soon as the results from those samples come back, contractors are prepared to move on with the next steps to get those areas filled and move forward toward sidewalk replacement.
You may notice a decrease in activity toward the end of this week through the new year. There is some year-end safety training scheduled for some of the contractors, along with the holiday juggle. Excavation and grading work will likely be ongoing, as well as some concrete work (assuming the weather is amenable). Bridge work will wrap up tomorrow (Wednesday) and resume again on January 2nd.
A reminder that pedestrian access IS OPEN across the new bridge and along the east side of the highway from Pacific to North Main. There is still some work going on at the bioswales on the north side, but pedestrians are welcome through there, and the Dial-A-Ride and Tillamook Wave services are no longer necessary for crossing through the area. Whether walking or driving through the area, it is a good idea to be extra attentive, as many folks will be visiting for the season and navigating the area for the first time or distracted with heads full of sugar plums and what not.
One area that you may notice construction efforts in the coming weeks is along the future trail that will lead from the Hoquarton Interpretive Area all the way out to Goodspeed Park. The clearing and grubbing (technical terms) of that trail will begin this week, and work on the next phase of the decking of the rail bridge over Highway 6 will begin very early in January.
Each week as we sit around the table and talk about scheduling and the immediate horizon, I ask the various representatives of the construction companies, engineering firms and ODOT if they have any special priorities that they would like to share in the newsletter. This week they asked me to convey their best wishes to all of the community this holiday season, and express their appreciation for the welcome they have received here. I join them in expressing my hope that these next few weeks are full of all of the things that you love and appreciate, and look forward to this coming year and all of the opportunity and promise that is ahead of us.