June 7th Hwy Project Update

The plaza is open for walk-throughs and that means that the Blue Moon Café has returned to its storefront and is open for business.  Now with one of the best views in the downtown!

Another grand opening of the plaza will occur on Friday the 16 with the Cork’n Brew festivities and there will also be music on the plaza that you can enjoy even if you weren’t lucky enough to score a Cork’n Brew ticket.  Of course, the weekend after that will be the June Dairy Parade with its own set of events scheduled for the new plaza.  The place is going to be hopping.

There are still a few items to be installed on the plaza but they will probably show up after the June Dairy Parade.  July should have us sporting a new informational kiosk in front of the electrical meters, decorative rails around the landscape wells, and bollards at each end of the one-way street, as well as in front of each parking space.

The other July unveiling should include the realignment of Pacific Avenue north of First.  Next week is scheduled for prepping all of the subgrade stabilization on the new approach while the lightweight concrete crews set-up for pouring.  They will be pouring not only the south side Pacific Avenue connection to the new bridge, but also the new City sidestreet that will be known as the Hoquarton Landing, with a picnic area, transit stop, and parking at the Hoquarton Park and bike/pedway entrance.  Tentatively, the paving of the new Pacific Avenue connection will be targeted for July 24th but that is dependant on getting all the pipework, water quality features, drainage, and everything else into place before that time.

In other construction news, on the bridge itself, the rails and pylons are being formed with a target to pour in two weeks, which should then allow the decorative rails, now in the process of being powder-coated, to be placed on top of the concrete ones.

The nightwork continues for this week in order to get the street conduit crossings and boxes placed so that the new vertical signal poles can be set next week.  The electrical interconnections for both the signals and the lights can then proceed.  The horizontal signal pieces will arrive in the following week or two.

The Eastside sidewalks are in the process of forming and pouring the water quality curbing so that the north end sidewalk can start pouring next week.

Our Highway Project E-news bulletin is created by Jeannell Wyntergreen, Highway 101/6 Project Liaison for the Tillamook Area Chamber of Commerce.   If you have any questions or would like to share a comment with the Chamber, contact her at hwyproject@tillamookchamber.org