Mornings on Main Street: Meet with Ruth Miles, Small Business Advocate

Have you ever had a question or concern about government that you couldn’t resolve? You’re not alone. Simple or complex, we don’t know what we don’t know – and that can cost money or cause trouble when government is involved. You can relax, though. If you can’t resolve the issue, turn to the Small Business Advocacy Team at Secretary of State. They provide free, confidential help to small businesses and nonprofits. Got a federal issue? The Advocates can connect you.
At our next Mornings on Main Street gathering, come meet Ruth Miles, the Chief Small Business Advocate. She’s excited to meet you in person; and she’ll be spending a few extra hours with us. If you have a burning issue to discuss, she’s there for you.
Please remember that you are encouraged to come and go as your schedule allows; even if it means 5 minutes for coffee and a quick hello. No shame in coming late or dashing out. There will be coffee and light snacks, of course and time to introduce yourself and share what is happening in your world.
See you at 208 Main Avenue on June 18th at 8 a.m.!