Team Spirit – The Chamber Board of Directors Pt 2

By Justin Aufdermauer
Executive Director

Last month, I introduced you to our Board Chair Whitey Forsman and Vice Board Chair Kayla Seaholm. These two individuals are part of an 11-member Board of Directors that  keeps the Chamber’s work  relevant and our business community strong.  Today I am eager to introduce you to another two of our talented and passionate Board members.

Sheila Zerngast. Sheila and her husband own the Tillamook Coliseum Theater, which was recently named Business of the Year by the Economic Development Council of Tillamook County.  The Zerngasts also own P & L Heating and Sheet Metal, and Sheila is  the program manager for the Tillamook County Community Developmental Disabilities Program at Tillamook Family Counseling Center. For the last two years, Sheila has been offering her services on the Chamber Board of Directors.

She joined our Board because, quite frankly, she loves Tillamook. (You would have to love it here to own two successful businesses, right?).

I love the community, and I love the people,” she said. “[Being on the Chamber Board] is a great way to be more connected to other businesses in Tillamook, and to get to know what is happening in our town and community.”

Sheila is our die-hard volunteer. She has years of experience working with different agencies and organizations, and enjoys planning events and working with volunteers. Her day job requires an ability to find resources for individuals and she has been able to apply this skill to our Board.

“I also think almost anything is possible if you work hard enough and do your homework,” she said. “So, I don’t take no very easily, and I am never afraid to ask the question.”

In particular, Sheila said she is most proud of how the Chamber has become an essential component  in the downtown reconstruction and rejuvenation. “I firmly believe big things are coming for Tillamook, and I think the Chamber is a key player in bringing those great things,” she said. “I am so excited we are downtown now, and right in the thick of things. It has opened so many doors for events, partnering, and spearheading projects. It keeps us on the front lines of what is happening in the city along with what is going on in the community and makes us an integral part of the daily workings of Tillamook.

“We have an amazing board, director and staff that are all committed to making the businesses in our community, and the community as a whole as successful as possible,” she added. “I am excited to see how each month we are able to put that energy and mission into practice.”

Kaylan Sisco:  Kaylan is one of our newer Board members with a year and a half under his belt. Many people in our community have heard and know of Kaylan by his coined radio introduction “Hey, this is Kaylan from the Y!” He’s a lifeguard, custodian, tour guide, game player, and life changer. In short, he is the Executive Director of the Tillamook YMCA.

Kaylan joined our Board because he’s the type of person who can’t just live in a community; he has to be involved. And we are lucky to have his 18 years of nonprofit experience helping to guide the Chamber’s direction.

Like Sheila, he is excited about our new location downtown.

“I don’t say it’s the ‘Chamber Office’ because it is so much more than that,” he said. “The fact that we have created a community space with resources for our businesses is a huge step in a new direction of support.”

Kaylan is an advocate for small businesses and finding support and resources on a larger scale through statewide and national partnerships.

“The Chamber is here for the benefit of the community,” he said.

We would not be able to do the work we are doing without support from Sheila and Kaylan. They are an essential part of our team and each are a valuable asset to our community and the Chamber.