Welcome to the Dairylands

If you haven’t visited our website, www.gotillamook.com, in awhile, then I encourage you to check it out soon. We just completed a massive, comprehensive redesign that will better serve our community and those visiting the area.

In fact, gotillamook.com was redesigned with the visitor in mind. We needed a venue where we could share experiences available in our region. If someone is looking for great fishing, the best place to go for breakfast, a rigorous hike or a unique family adventure, they can find all that information in an easy-to-navigate website. Because the last thing we want to do is make it harder for our visitors to find the information they need. If they’re looking for a hotel number, website, directions or prices we’ve made sure that information is easily accessible.

In addition to being easy to navigate, gotillamook.com highlights the lifestyles and attractions of our region in a visually appealing format. We’re showcasing the very best that Tillamook County has to offer with bold, vibrant photos. These are photos of our business owners, our families, our favorite activities, and of course our beautiful scenery. We believe this visual approach tells our story better because visitors will know exactly what to expect when they get here: they can expect friendly faces, plenty of things to do, delicious food, and new friends.

We’ve also added a link on the homepage that links to our Tillamook Living calendar. The Tillamook Living calendar is a one-stop shop for meetings, events, classes, performing arts, and more. It will eventually be fully integrated across the county so that you never miss what is going on in the area.

And finally, last winter we received a Tourism Promotions Grant from Visit Tillamook Coast for a downtown map. There are print versions available at the Visitors Center and local businesses, and a web-based version can be found under the ‘downtown’ menu on gotillamook.com. The web-based map utilizes GPS and the location services available on mobile devices to direct mobile users easily throughout the downtown area. The goal is to help visitors discover more things to do in our downtown.

As with all websites, gotillamook.com is not stagnant. As information and needs change, we will work to continually build and adjust this website to best suit the needs of our visitors.

The Chamber Board and myself value your input and insight. Feel free to contact us anytime at info@tillamookchamber.org.