5 Benefits to being a Chamber Member

Here is a question I hear a lot: “why should I be a member of the Tillamook Area Chamber of Commerce? What’s in it for me?”

It’s a valid question. If you’re spending money on any service, you want to know that it’s working for your business and making a difference. So here are five benefits your business could experience right now by being a member of the Chamber today:

  1. As a Chamber member, we are here to be the best resource possible for you and your business. Admittedly the Chamber cannot help you with everything, however we are positive we can help point you in the right direction. Although we will help anyone and everyone, being a member clearly puts you at the top of our to-do list. We partner with different agencies to bring business development trainings to our area and will be expanding this service over the next year. And, in the near future we will be offering assistance to help member businesses write and obtain local grants. As a member you are the first to know about these programs and will receive discounted registrations, or be able to attend for free in some cases.
  2. Enhanced Livability. The intangible benefit of becoming a Chamber member – yet the most beneficial – is being the financial support that allows the Chamber to continue to do the work in the community that we do for the good of everyone. This includes organizing events such as the Cork & Brew and the June Dairy Parade. It means designing the downtown walking map and new Tillamook Living Calendar. It also means addressing community needs – like working with ODOT on local traffic issues and organizing the downtown cleanup. There are a significant number of things the Chamber is involved in that enhance the livability of our community. A financial contribution in the form of Chamber membership supports all of these things and more. Together we are making our community a better place to both live and spend money.
  3. Having an Advocate. You’re probably too busy to keep up with everything that happens in government – both locally and statewide. And that’s OK. Being a Chamber member means you always have an advocate in local and state-wide government issues. We work to create a balanced dialogue between government and the business community. We always advocate for free enterprise and oppose new taxes and fees that are aimed directly at businesses. You can rest assured that you will have a voice in issues that affect you.
  4. Direct referrals. It may be hard to believe in this Internet age where Google is a household name, but often when people are looking for a particular type of business, product, or service they contact the Chamber. We get calls from people every day inquiring about potential vendors. A primary group we hear from are local businesses asking if anyone in the area provides what they are looking for. We may be a small community, but that doesn’t mean everyone knows everything about the business community and what is available. As a Chamber member, you have more opportunities to gain these valuable referrals, both from the Chamber directly and other Chamber members.
  5. Indirect referrals and visibility. Not to devalue the last point, but membership is relatively inexpensive, averaging from $195 to $330 per year. The amount of visibility you receive online and in print is the best exposure you can spend your advertising dollar on. We say that with confidence! Your business is included in three different online directories, receiving tens of thousands of visits. This helps your own business website retain a higher listing on Google searches. Our membership directory is also printed in 100,000 visitor guides each year, and we have another local publication in the works. And for those who thrive from tourism, don’t forget that Chamber members can display their marketing materials in the Visitor Center. We love knowing that whether you provide a local service or a tourism-related service, we are your best investment dollar for dollar.

Those are just five ways you generate more income for your business by being a Chamber member. I would love to talk to you more about other ways the Chamber can help your business thrive. If you have questions or would like a membership application please email us below.

The Chamber Board and myself value your input and insight. Feel free to contact us anytime at info@tillamookchamber.org.