Welcome Britta, our Programs & Events Manager

It’s about time that I officially welcome our newest staff member to the Chamber, Britta Lawrence. Many of you might have met her already at the Tillamook County Fair – her very first week on the job. Talk about trial by fire!

But, we didn’t hire Britta because of her excellent folding skills (not that those weren’t greatly appreciate with all the new apparel). Britta, who recently moved here from Montana with her husband Dane and dog Ruby, had all the key components we were looking for in a Programs & Events Manager; she’s friendly, outgoing, and eager to be a part of the community. But even more than that – her background is in economic development and working with business owners to help them reach their long term goals. She has her Bachelors from California State University in Business Administration with an emphasis in HR and though she spent the last three years in Montana, she and her husband are both Oregon natives who are excited to be returning to their home state. 

Britta said she was interested in this position at the Chamber mostly because she loves being involved in her community and saw this as a great opportunity to meet new people and make a difference. She also loves planning events and is excited to be tackling our many events and programs here at the Chamber. 

“I’m excited to familiarize myself with our downtown businesses and shop the different places and really just get to know everyone on a personal level,” she said. 

Britta is also planning to join Rotary and look for other ways to make an impact in her new home. “That’s probably what I’m most excited about,” she said. “I love volunteering and being involved in my community; I did a lot of that in Montana and look forward to find ways to so that again.” 

When she’s not out volunteering, her role at the Chamber will be planning, organizing, and directing the programs and events of the Tillamook Chamber of Commerce including the Tillamook Main Street Program. She will be taking the lead on things like What’s Brewin’ – our quarterly membership social gathering; the How It’s Done series; our travel program; and our monthly Mornings on Main Street. Presently she is helping coordinate the upcoming Main Street Conference that we are hosting in October. This is Tillamook’s first time hosting this statewide event and we are feeling enthusiastic about the people it will bring to our downtown and the variety of projects we will be showcasing as a result of the Main Street Program. If you’d like to learn more or find a way to get involved with this conference, reach out to Britta by emailing britta@tillamookchamber.org

Other things you might need to know about Britta: She doesn’t like sushi or hot wings (and we still hired her) and she once went to the Junior Olympics for jump roping.