Make your 2017 Chamber Banquet award nominations online

By Justin Aufdermauer
Executive Director

Fall is officially here. And I think we are all a little glad to see the rain, if only for some much-needed relief from the wildfires across the state. The first rain of fall always adds a refreshingly clean look to everything – like our town just took a shower to wash off all the summer dust. The leaves are also starting to change colors before they let go of the branches to make room for new ones next year. It must mean that it’s time to get ready for the next chapter.

Fall is when we always start prepping for our annual Chamber Awards Banquet. Even though the event doesn’t take place until January, our staff, board and volunteers spend a lot of time planning to get things ready. The most important piece leading up to the of the event, of course, is choosing the award winners in each of the four categories. But that can’t be done without your help first.

Each year the community nominates who and what they think deserve to win in each category. The categories are Business of the Year; Small Business of the Year; Development Project of the Year; and Citizen of the Year. A selection committee reviews the nominations and any letters of support, and makes their decision based on some additional criteria – like how the nominee adds to the quality of life in Tillamook, and does the nominee demonstrate future commitments to enhancing this quality of life. We have had some incredible nominations every year and are honored to be able to recognize and celebrate some of the accomplishments and outstanding businesses we have in our area.

This year, to make the nomination process as convenient as possible, we have added the form to our website. Now, instead of printing out the form and returning it to the Chamber office, you can go to, pick in what category you are making a nomination, fill out the criteria and answer four simple questions then hit submit. You can also upload any supporting documents or letters of recommendation right there, or submit them at a later time. And, if you would like an invitation to the awards banquet in January, you can request one on this form. It’s that easy.

All nominations and supporting letters must be submitted by Dec. 1, 2017, to give the committee enough time to review and make their selection and have plaques created for the awards banquet.

Remember, it takes a lot of time, energy, dedication and hard work to have a business in our community, be a leader, or finish a project. They sacrifice a lot so that we can have the best quality of life – and this award ceremony is a chance to tell them thank you. Each nomination will receive an invitation to the banquet and, even if they are not awarded the award, they will know that they are appreciated and that someone took the time to make a thoughtful gesture and say thank you. So please, let’s all take a moment to visit and give your favorite business, citizen, or project a virtual pat on the back.