BOLI Supervisor Training Comes to Tillamook

With a variety of recent changes in workplace laws, the Tillamook Area Chamber of Commerce has partnered with Tillamook Bay Community College to bring a six-part supervisor training series to Tillamook. Trainers from the Bureau of Labor and Industries Technical Assistance Program will conduct the trainings. Each session is held at the TBCC campus.

“There has been a lot of changes in workplace laws in just this year alone,” said Justin Aufdermauer, the Tillamook Area Chamber of Commerce Executive Director. “We wanted to offer an opportunity where supervisors, managers, and business owners could get up to speed on what these new laws are and how they may affect their business and business practices.”

Over the course of three months, the training will focus on the basics of supervision and employment laws. Each session is three hours and addresses a specific aspect of supervision and applicable laws.

Those interested can choose to attend only one session, pick a few, or take the entire series. Sessions build on knowledge skills attained from prior sessions, and useful reference materials and handouts will be provided.

“We want to make sure our business owners and supervisors feel supported as they navigate through these new laws,” Aufdermauer continued, “and that they come away from the series with the knowledge and understanding they need to implement best business practices.”

The first session begins Sept. 23 and the last one wraps up on Nov. 23. Each session is from 9am – 12 pm at the main Tillamook Bay Community College campus.
Attendees are encouraged to register ahead of time by contacting Tammie Samagaio at or by calling (503) 842-7525. Sessions are $60 a piece, or $225 for the full series.


Session 1 – The Basics (9/23: 9am – 12pm)

Discussion of effective supervisory practices; at-will employment and its exceptions; Civil Rights laws and protected classes; and understanding and avoiding workplace harassment.

Session 2 – Hiring Employees (9/30: 9am – 12pm)

Effective and legal hiring practices; starting employees on the right foot; employee orientation; the use of employee handbooks and policies; setting goals and expectations.

Session 3 – Protected Leave (10/14: 9am – 12pm)

Basics of family leave laws including OFLA, FMLA, injured workers and ADA.

Session 4 – Basics of Wage and Hour Laws for Supervisors (10/28: 9am – 12 pm)

Hours worked; overtime; rest and meal periods; timekeeping; and paydays.

Session 5 – Employee Management – Part 1 (11/4: 9am – 12pm)

Setting expectations; position descriptions; performance appraisals; coaching for desired employee performance; and documentation.

Session 6 – Employee Management – Part 2 (11/18: 9am – 12 pm)

Workplace investigations; conducting disciplinary meetings; termination; post-termination issues; and best practices of effective supervisors.